Big report for multiple people

In-game report:

CKEY: Xeapor

Offender’s CKEY: Multiple

Offender’s In-Game Name: Miriam Hornet, Elijah Leech, Dallas Ratcliffe, Luke Stainforth, Marilyn Butenburger, Kaylie Petrova and Hollis Evans.

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 03/12/2022

Round Number: 36663

Rules Broken: Rule 1, Rule 3, Rule 6

Incident Description: All these guys made sofas in the bar roundstart, and sat there almost all round.
2 hours and 17 minutes.

One was sec, another explorer, an engineer and medical doctor. A huge variety of jobs, and none of them were doing them. Instead they sat around all shift. At least, until the shuttle came, and one of them proclaimed “Felinid Conga Line” and they conga’d to the shuttle. They didn’t interact with anyone else, they just sat amongst themselves.

Additional Information: Also they kept on sitting on eachother and emoting that (?!?!?!)


Kinda unrelated, but these guys constantly hang out with each other over different rounds, dragging each other around and not even talking to other crew members. I think its just a metagang

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Do you have a bit more to add to this report that would be worth investigating? Especially regarding rule 6.
Hanging around isn’t against the rules on its own.

While everyone has their own opinions regarding this type of behaviour and people generally treating the game as a discord call without really roleplaying, there needs to be some actual substance to warrant admin intervention/investigation.

Also before anyone else comments, please keep it civil and write in good faith.


What else are you supposed to do on a greenshift where nothing happens for nearly two hours? Just wallow in bordem by yourself?


As in, full on lying down on sofas while others sat on them.

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Doesn’t the uhh “Do your job” rule kinda cover the “worth investigating” part?

“quotation” “marks”


Considering all of them didn’t realise it was abductors despite one of them being sec, they weren’t paying attention to the round at all.

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I don’t think sitting on someone else’s lap is pornographic in nature, so are you implying they did it in a way that elicited an erotic response? This isn’t a rhetorical question just so you know, those are elements that need to be present for R6 to become relevant and it would be productive if you could provide just a bit more to guide admins.

Right out of the bat with the context you’ve given, I would call those emotes you report immature or weird, but not outright pornographic. R6 is very clear and restrictive on what it covers.

While R1/R3 dictates you must roleplay and do your job, it doesn’t define the game as a job simulator.

Most admin interventions regarding this are to punish players who derelict without IC reasons or completely disregard their IC duties in a way that negatively impact others, such as engineers not setting up power or doctors refusing to heal patients. The rest of those issues should be handled IC, just fire the characters if they aren’t performing as you like, but if the players are doing the bare minimum, then they are within the rules.

Again please provide as much context as you can, the rules you’ve mentioned rely heavily on it.

As I wrote, they were lying face up. As in, close to sitting on eachothers faces. I kinda thought that is what they were going for.

So, as a sec officer I can just ignore traitors all round and hang out with my meta buddies?

Or a doctor, I dont have to treat anyone?

I honestly don’t care if punishment is given or not.

I just wanted to bring light that there is a metagang that do stuff like this all the time and people don’t seem to care?

I wrote ad-verbatim that this is forbidden by R3. Are you saying the players had “important” jobs such as captain, sec etc. and didn’t accomplish their duties when it was needed?

edit: R3, not R1 (although you could argue it applies too)

Well as I was saying, some people were in medical while doctor was hanging about, and people were getting abducted while the sec officer was hanging around.

Honestly the other ones weren’t too bad I guess, SM was set up so engineer didnt have much to do, except engineering were building a shuttle which they didn’t participate in.

Miriam was a stage magician which I guess is fine, but a little cringe using it as a glorified assistant. Luke was a lawyer, and most lawyers dont do much anyway.

God forbid someone RPs and interacts with people in a roleplaying game. Also, I was on sec comms that whole round and almost nothing was going on that required attention.


That is not my problem, its the fact that they were only RPing with themselves.

Peanut question: did the explorer ever leave for a mission?

Not that I am aware, but I didnt watch them 24/7

I have. On two missions. Right as I came back from the second one, 15 minutes left on the clock for the shuttle to arrive, I got a message to go to the bar. So I did.

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This goes without saying but actively ignoring your job is against the rules. Sitting in the bar and, god forbid, INTERACTING with others while waiting for something to happen isn’t.

Security aimlessly running around the station “looking for abductors” isn’t exactly effective either, as disguises exist, and the fact that abductors can one-shot hardstun you. In this case it would’ve been safer to stay around others.

For the above.

Using emotes isn’t against the rules.
If you seriously believe sitting on someone’s lap is ERP, I’m extremely sorry for you, but you are wrong in a hundred different ways.


Apologies then, I hadn’t realised you weren’t a part of the group the whole time

That isn’t my problem, its the fact that they admitted they had no idea it was abductors. Most of the crew knew. They obviously weren’t interacting with the round, or other crewmembers.

As I have said a million times in this thread, sitting on someone while the other is LYING DOWN. I don’t think that can be a done in a non sexual way, especially between co-workers.

Again, I may have misinterpreted this entire situation.

I am happy to admit if I am wrong, but so far this is what I saw from my perspective.