Big cheese banned by da mini meatwad

Discord ID: big cheese#1641

Admin Discord ID: Mini_Meatwad#2595

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: perma

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): idk bro

Ban Reason: I posted a cringey image from a that had a guy saying he came in his sister again

Appeal Reason: It was big cringe and I realize that also I want to shitpost in beecord

Additional Information: i just wanna grill shitposts

solid choice for administration

Wrong thread this is not an admin app. You find those down the road to the left

Bump. Can I see the image in question?

I will handle the appeal, the image in question just showed the guy saying that he “Came on his sister again” a bit nsfw but i don’t belive it was enough reason to ban someone at max warm, i will unban you from the discord but please avoid posting similar pictures outside nsfw channels.

bump i remember this image, no actual nsfw content but just implied. fucking boomer meatwad

This has already been resolved. Closing.