Big cheese 1641 raped by qwerty

Discord ID: big cheese#1641

Admin Discord ID: qwerty#6768

Ban Type: permanent

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): idk 29.12.2019???

Ban Reason: posted this at zoey
I am going to say this, and say this to you because it seems you’re like every white collared shit. Who just sticks their fingers in their ears, and cover their eyes because poor babby doesn’t like something. If you don’t like something then leave. You staying here is just proving how much more you’re trying to rile things up, do us an honest to god fucking favor and take the same route the coder for stalker 13 did. Just end it, you’ve shown you’re a disgusting fucking person of a human god damn being who is no better than feweh. In fact, you’re worse than feweh, at least he knew what the hell he was doing. You’re just pulling out so many stops in being ignorant and blind to the fact nobody wants you here, with your shitty political agenda. If you wanna push your agenda go to your shitty rallies you dumb fucking cunt. NO ONE AND I REPEAT MYSELF BECAUSE IT SEEMS YOU’RE HARD OF FUCKING HEARING. GO FUCKING END IT, YOU’RE NOTHING MORE THAN A SHITTY STAIN ON THIS COMMUNITY AND WANTING TO DIG US FURTHER INTO THE FUCKING GROUND LIKE RANDY AND FEWEH

Appeal Reason: it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously but just make her fuck off thanks

Additional Information: i want to shitpost n word

based and redpilled

20 characters fuck zoey

zoey man bad qwerty man bad

How can you ban someone for a copy pasta?

Someone was mean to be, ban he, come on this stupid what next all singing songs holding hands?

Station closed fun over

You were actually banned for spamming a link that crashes people’s discord. Dunno where you got the copypasta thing from.

i assumed it was the former since i was banned around the time i posted that and not around the time i posted those and you can’t see ban reasons on discord for some autistic reason

Ban reasons show in the audit log, but I guess you can’t really be in the server to see them. (We should invest in a mod bot that dms you the reason or just put it in beebot or something)

I pretty much banned you right after you posted the links

Okay in that case I could rewrite the ban appeal or just tell you that I won’t post discord crashing links again but the appeal is still up unless you want to decide to deny or accept it

You pwomise to not bad again?

I will enact shariah law if you don’t stop writing things with w but yes I promise not to post any discord crashing things or rule breaking things

Aight unbanning now…