Big brain Spess Battle improvments

spess ships cool but not many do spess battles how make cooler ?

1, add holopads or some type of comms to each ship
2,make cargo ship hijackable for tots or stuff
3, make signal jammers jam the interdiction radar on ships
4, maybe cool expo space battle quests

this just some cool ideas feel free to add some

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its all in the pipeline. donate to bacon to speed up the pr with 1 second per second

we should be taking notes from ss14, they have legitimate fully controllable shuttles When the Captain leaves the station for five minutes - Space Station 14 Non-content - YouTube

ss14 is another thing than ss13, the current system that bacon implemented is a marvel of technology considering the huge technical limitations of the dreamaker engine

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this will be impossible for ss13…
Considering what we already have we are doing pretty ok