Bieyes player report

In-game report:

CKEY: joelogbybolb

Your Discord: jixs4v

Offender’s CKEY: bieyes

Offender’s In-Game Name: Theodore Cooper

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-11-19

Round Number: 46663

Rules Broken: Leaving the game. You must roleplay.

Incident Description: I was the CE this round, which is why I wasn’t able to handle this, and there were no admins online. I distribute tasks: today will be an SM-less shift. One of the engineers goes against my orders and sets up the SM, and Cooper just stays silent, even when I call him on comms. Now, this is fine. It’s all IC, after all. While I’m busy trying to wrangle my department into order, I go over to atmos and I see Theodore next to some kind of burn cage. I ask him what it’s for, not a word. I insist a bit, and he just hides under the holofirelock that he set up in front of the burnmix. I leave since the other engineer is still causing me problems (still IC) and presumably, Theodore Cooper had jumped into the burn chamber, because I heard a bunch of clanging. I see him, and he’s dead. He promptly goes DNR when rescued. It just seems here he wanted to leave the round, presumably because he didn’t roll antag, in a very LRP way.

Additional Information: This isn’t the first time he’s done this. Round 46630 saw him trying to kill himself for no apparent reason, without saying anything either. It was handled in round by another moderator, but nothing came of it. I’m just tacking this on to provide additional evidence for previous similar behaviour of NRP killing himself for no reason.


I was scanning the gases inside and the pressure caused me to die, aswell as that I am not spending my entire round getting my burnt stuff back at all.

To provide more data in case it will be needed in future, yesterday or the day before you were waiting out your sentence in the brig. Unluckily I didn’t got any round id.

In that occasion, when detective Leblanc and officer Miami and myself were there to see you out of the brig for the end of your sentence, you LRP-ish killed yourself, bashing yourself with a broken lamp, in your cell instead than…

Don’t know, get out and roleplay trying to make the round richer for everyone else?

The problem with it is that if you’re gonna be interested THAT much just in the mechanical interactions this incredibly sorry excuse of a game can offer, instead than the vast plethora of rich occasions to interact, then… you ain’t offering a great experience to the players around you.

Analysing your answer, let me tell you, it’s not about getting your things back. It’s about hey, I can’t do what I mechanically had in mind, let’s try to find the true meaning of this shift by living it with the others. And it’s this kind of view that @joelogbybolb and I think others too, as myself, have noted that is the true reason behind this report.

Be funny, be light-hearted and be comedic, by all means.

Just don’t be so focused on being just mechanical.

This is a very sorry game.

Let’s make it better by interacting with each other!


I did it because I waited 15 minutes and you decided to stop my timer just before it ended so I wouldn’t get out or get my stuff back, in which I had enough because I’d been framed that round because I did not do grand sabotage at all all I did was trespass which I would be happy to serve. But the fact you STOPPED a 15 minute cell timer at 2 seconds left is really annoying.

Are you joking? It seems not…

The thing you’re referring to is the fact that the officer who arrested you has started the timer on the wrong cell, and infact I joked about the fact that no more timer, so perma-sentence or something like that. But no one stopped the timer, it just ended.

But it clearly wasn’t the case with 3 officers, the entirety of sec that round if I’m not wrong, looking you.

You didn’t even wait for like… 10 seconds to see if we were trying to be shitters or not? (and let me tell you, if anyone would do something like that seriously, that would be 100% ahelp material!).

See I think that your answer shows once again that you didn’t roleplay, you were ooc mad because you misunderstood what you saw and you ooc decided to suicide because “to hell with it!”. If I may give you a suggestion, drop the ooc mentality. Immerse yourself in the round and act like your character would, given the conditions around him in a particular moment. You believed we were being huge dicks? You were framed? You got all the rights in the world to roleplay angrily about it.

But pretty please, do roleplay.

Do not off yourself lrp-ish because you aren’t putting a barrier, that is your character, between what’s happening and you!

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Taking a quick look at the logs, this seems to be a pretty clear case.
He was in round for only 20 minutes, dies and logs out 2 minutes later.
Theres a total of 73 logs for the ckey in this round, containing NOT ONE say log.

Ordinarily, i wouldnt feel overly confident in calling shenadians from just this one round. However, theres is a history of similar behaviour on record which speaks for itself in my oppinion.