[BIDP] note appeal by [WilsonPH]

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“Ordered a combat mech on green alert, admitted to doing it in just in case stuff goes wrong and that they did not read our rule 1 'you must roleplay.”

Appeal Reason:
Hello, I’m appealing this note as it does not reflect what happened. It is true that on a green alert I asked the roboticist to make me a security robot. However I did not ask for a mech to be built. I asked for a ED-209. The misunderstanding came from me not knowing the name of this robot at the time, and the roboticist assuming I was asking for a Gygax. I also assume the roboticists Ahelped me about requesting the mech on green. However In the admin log it was cleared up after WilsonPH asked me why I requested Gygax to be built and my reply was “I didn’t, I asked for the red sec robot.”

Additionally the note mentions “…and that they did not read our rule 1 'you must roleplay.” Again, untrue. WilsonPH ended the Ahelp by suggesting I read the rules again, I did not admit to not reading them as I have probably read them all five times over. I’m not suggesting the rules are unclear, I do however think that there is a lot of personal interpolation with what can be considered normal.

Additional Information:
The first thing I did after deciding I wanted to make ED-209 was ask HOS for permission, and a second disabler. HOS imminently replayed something along the lines of “sounds fun.” handing me the disabler despite it being green. I’m not throwing him under the bus. I am however pointing out I had IC permission to do so from my boss.