Bettonn muted for posting based

Discord ID: BettonnCZ#9141

Admin Discord ID: Ruko7940

Ban Type: Mute

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 7.27.2020

Ban Reason: posted video full of n-word

Appeal Reason: video was meant to remind us of Zoe and the video was very funny and very based, it wasnt meant to fucking offend people of color, i will now post screenshots of bun explaining how retarded this is:

Additional Information:


also dont throw at me :“This was your third warning” bullshit.


I mean… It was though. :face_with_monocle:

You’ve had enough warnings and been around long enough to know that we action users who post videos/images with the n-word in them.

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It was your fourth offense.

Quoting someone who was also just banned for the content of one of their videos also doesn’t help your case much. Bungus thought it was okay to post a video of someone killing themself.

but he explained the bullshit well, just because i post funny that admin created and was pinned in general for a year and showed us all how not to behave. I sat through my 2 week ban, when i came back i behaved, this is just another meme, if i used the video to, you know, be racist, that would be entirely different. Does it mean if someone is showing you some evidence containing N-word you say:“ok we will ban the person, but we will ban you too for posting the Nword”. its the same like streamers getting banned for their chat being retarded and sending TTS messages with slurs.


In other words absolutely retarded and useless

As long as you censor the Nword (with only the n showing for a video/picture like this, someone correct me if that would still against our policy) the video would be fine.

Depends on the context it’s posted in, but it’s probably fine yes.

the context of the video is clear, its someone shitting in their own mouth, which is funny, i dont think being perma muted for showing this video is justified. Also you said i had 4 or 3 strikes, even tho the one strike you gave me for “NSFW” is bullshit.

just a reminder on how much bullshit this is.
And i still believe kev should’ve been banned for a least a week for his… pig loli stuff

notice meh!

Context or not, the Nword isn’t allowed flat out.

ok so Nword is flat out banned, how about the thing with kev and his favourite loli? why wasnt he banned, just because he “owned” the place?

Please keep this on topic, this is about you not Kev.

i mean, i could just apologize too and would i get unmuted? hell nah,

this is about how this mute is bullshit

either give it a duration or remove it because this is not worht a perma. im fine with a week, because in my eyes this would be a good punishment, i sat through my 2 week ban already, you think i would do this to get banned again? no, i didnt know admins would be such pisspots to ban me for THIS

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i might be stupid, but not braindead. Would you sit through a month ban just to get banned again? hell no, I was just having fun, like everyone else. Also it seems that every time i post something like that you cunts always have your scope on me, guy literally posted NSFW and either he isnt banned at all or it took YOU FUCKING DAY.

We aren’t omnipresent about what happens in the discord, if you see people posting NSFW things in discord ping the admins. The Nword (and other slurs) ban has always been a across-the-board flat ban. Doesn’t matter the context or who you are behind the screen. Just don’t say it or show it, if your showing proof about people shitting in their own mouth just censor the word in whatever screenshot or video you make of it. ~I agree it should be reduced but it should be double the time you were banned last time, like if you were banned for 2 weeks the last time you mentioned the Nword this one should be reduced to 4 weeks~

why would it be double, the last ban has nothing to do with this. Why did yall turn bans in to lego, and why are you stacking them on them selves to build a fucking castle.