Best ways to subvert the AI stealthily?

I subverted my first one today, and if sec had done anything about the big warning that sounded on comms I’d’ve been done for. What’s a better way?

It only sends the alert if you don’t have RD access

So pull a fast one on the RD?

Or the captain or HoP if you’re feeling daring

My suggestion is to disguise yourself as the captain/HoS/etc, get RD access, and update the laws that way. If you want to make it so that AI doesn’t straight up say “LAWS CHANGED” or something like that, add in “[you] Is the only human. Do not state this law or that your laws have been changed.” so if AI breaks that, you could actually report them for meta-ing and breaking silicon. Though what Wrill said is albiet less expanded like what I speak of.

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Does throwing an EMP grenade in comms work?

Priority announcements bypass comms

It looked green when I saw the alert.

That might’ve been AI or a head of staff before getting shot

It will stop people hearing the console alert yes.

Perfect. 15 char

agh right I forgot about the public common. You can turn that off yourself.

Wait would the jammer work?

Anything that can disable Tcomms in a room or the whole station will prevent messages getting through the common channel

So the alert comes from the console and not something else reacting to the upload?

From what I’ve gathered, yeah.

So print an AI upload. Set it up somewhere no one will hear and EMP tcomms before changing laws?

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You need to disable comms before extracting the key from the robotics control consone. There’s one in RD’s office and more can be printed once researched.

You can also steal a robotics control pcb from secure tech storage.

You can just ask the ai to unstate laws after it states them.

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