Best way to get bluespace crystals on Charlie Station

What’s the best way? I know of a pocket of bluespace crystals in some rock above the broken medbay, but that’s it really.
How many bluespace miners do I need to get a good income of gold and diamonds, both of which can be made into bluespace crystals?

There is Gold in the ore storage area (with all the hivebots) and to my knowledge there is always some diamond on the shit you can mine outside. Otherwise, try praying. sometimes you can get just enough for one BSM. I’ve ordered pizza over prayers before (but those bastards always get my order wrong) since food is in short supply usually.

Thanks! Also, there are eggs and salt and pepper in the dining room you can use to make a fried egg with!
I also meant a way to have a lot more of it. Like, is there a way to go to Lavaland and back with a self made shuttle?

No, you dont have the resources to make a shuttle on charlie station. Your best bet would just to get one BSM running and the use the diamond it makes to make more. Itll produce exponentially more, and eventually it wont be a problem. It would take some time though.

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I’m sure there’s enough plasma and diamond (it uses plasma, not gold) in the hivebot ship to print out three crystals. You can make a shuttle on Charlie station, research and print out the boards and designator, and get fuel from the plasma tanks, but to the best of my knowledge, there’s no docking point for custom shuttles on lavaland. You might be best off getting a GPS and commandeering the Whiteship with a gigabeacon back on Charlie.

There are 3 crystals to the north, where all the hive bots are. Use them to make BSM. Then eventually you’ll be able to make artificial ones.
There usually are some diamonds in the rocks around the station as well.

That’s pretty much it.