Best job category

What is (in your opinion) the best job category (e.g security, engineering) it can be for any reason such as important to the functionality of the station or just fun to RPlay.

I personally think Security and Engineering

All the stupid ones where you dont have to worry about responsibilities are the best(atleast on LRP) cause nobody listens to you when youre in a high up role and its very stressful. The much more laid back stuff where you dont have to do much such as clown, mime, janitor or head of security are alot more fun.

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I’m pretty sure I’ve been enjoying medical the most. Just the idea of being a professional doctor is kinda cool, pluus there are a lot of cool ways which open up to you when you’re an antag

chef you get cqc and a wetstone best two items

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Service gang is actually pretty damn strong if you think about it, botany can be exceptionally robust at everything, chef gets one of the most powerful cqc options, barman has his gun, chappy with his null rod, curator has a few options depending on what he wants to do, mime has invis wall and clown… moral support? Also hop is tehnically service

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arent clown,mime, curator and chaplain technically not service? arent they civilian?

HoP is service & supply, but HoP neglects service 105% of the time.

No, clown, mime, curator, chaplain, botanist, chef, janitor, bartender, lawyer are all service.

according to the wiki, service are:

Assistant, clown, mime, chaplain, curator, lawyer and gimmick are all Miscellaneous. but all are (including supply) civilian.

Post the link.

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They are in grey meaning they are civilian

These are in green meaning service

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If you have access to service radio you are service

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IIRC, all of them have service radio.

here is a table from the wiki however when you scroll down it says differently, I would use the table rather than the other things

if you scroll down from the table it goes in to them in slightly more detail and it contradicts itself