Ben2231 Player Report

CKEY: Manateeb

Offender’s CKEY: Ben2231

Offender’s In-Game Name: Alien Sentinel (74)

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 3/6/22

Round Number: 36546

Rules Broken: Spawn killing right outside the shuttle

Incident Description: I spawn in as Warden about 40 minutes into a round, I get maybe three tiles outside the north exit of the shuttle on Meta and immediately Alien Sentinel (74) face huggers and drags me into space. Unless the rule’s changed about new arrivals needing to get past the first checkpoint outside spawn before they’re free game to be killed, this is in pretty clear violation of that. Although I did spawn as sec I’m pretty sure I’m still entitled to not being murdered within 15 seconds of spawning.

Additional Information: No admins on so I couldn’t inquire if this rule was still in place and if it applied to sec or not

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I was on this round and saw xenos in the arrivals shuttle on at least one occasion.

edit: That particular xeno was break dancing in front of a cargo tech. I didn’t see what the warden reports.

From R7.3 (be excellent to each other): " Don’t damage the arrivals shuttle, and do not attack anyone until they have left the shuttle at least once."
That’s the rule in place.

However when taking into account the Rule as intended, its enforcement can change drastically depending on context.
A revhead stumbling upon a command staff that just happened to have arrived on the station is unlikely to be bwoinked over this rule.
Same goes for a xeno that was just passing through arrivals, spotted someone that had just arrived and decided to attack them without putting in much thoughts.

However, an antag deliberately camping the arrivals shuttle to get an early jump on people and get easier kills is definitely breaking the rule as intended.

To summarize, there isn’t one clear way to enforce this rule in this case. In my opinion it mostly depends on whether or not the xeno was camping the shuttle to get bodies.

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Tough to really say from my prospective if he “accidentally ran into me” or not, considering as soon as I opened the door I was immediately blinded by the face hugger before I could even tell what was going on. Seeing as I was just departing what he obviously knew was spawn, I think it’s extremly unlikely that he was just running around in a panic and accidentally got me, it seems like he was preying on that area because the second the door opened and I was out of the shuttle (still in the spawn area, mind you) he threw it without hesitation as if he already had throw selected and was moused over the square I was exiting from. He didn’t seem to hesitate too dragging me barely 30 seconds south into space which he had already breached, so I don’t get the impression it was some innocent mistake on his part.

Looking through the logs I don’t see any indication of camping the arrivals shuttle.