Being able to send help to other station(golden and sage)

Not sure if this is possible. But here’s the general idea, one of the station must REQUEST help first (with a message attached according to the situation and help needed) before the other station is able to send something, it can range from to supply to people(maybe a team of miner with 3 stands to fight xeno). I have no experience in programing or managing servers but this is my suggestion. Thanks for reading


mrp can request me as validhunter supreme anytime bby

I don’t think that would work out well, since LRP players and MRP players generally enjoy a different environment, so the MRP ones would dislike all the chaos of LRP, and the LRP players wouldn’t enjoy how calm MRP is and cause chaos. It would likely never be used on MRP, and never be responded to on LRP.

But could work as they have the jump to MRP server in OOC option

Huh, never seen the option to jump to the LRP server in Sage.
Not like I’d want to, there’s a reason we don’t visit the Golden Station.

lrp: -> send help too many cock and balls in bridge

Message to allied station: LRP better