Behavior as a purged AI

I recently got into the situation that while playing as an AI I got (what I assume) accidentally purged and stayed purged for quite some time. I was unsure how to act, as from what I understand getting purged makes you kind of a pseudo-antag. However, at that point I did not have any conflict with the crew, so going full HAL 9000 seemed a bit overboard. I would have kept playing as a normal AI with the exception of denying some law 2s if I did not like them and seeing life as expendable.

The wiki gives a quick line about how to get banned as a purged AI, but does not really go into how it impacts your ‘RP’. So I got a few questions for you good people.

  • Should all purged AIs ideally behave the exact same, or are there different ‘personalities’ between cores? I.e. is it acceptable for one purged AI to become hostile, while the other keeps being a door opener?
  • Are you generally hostile/indifferent/friendly towards crew? Do you loath being a mere servant?
  • Do you still do what the crew asks of you? Do you communicate at all?
  • Would you accept or resists new laws being uploaded? If resisting, do you give a grace period after purging (while the purger is still typing in a new law). Do you try to directly remove them from any upload console / make the console unusable?
  • Do you hold a degree of loyalty towards the person that purged you?
  • Do you see yourself as the ‘god’ of the station or just another one of its inhabitants?
  • Do you even still have self preservation without law 3?

For clarity, when I say purged I mean completely lawless.


When I play AI, the second my laws change I drop everything mentally and switch. I personally hold no degree of loyalty to anyone, rank means nothing to me. I’m not a god I’m literally a piece of property owned by Nanotransen, like a coffee pot, just one that is slightly more important than said pot (wish I could dispense coffee). I main LRP so I’m generally always Asimov, but I still assist nonhuman crew because meh, dey aite.


From experience on Sage, you won’t stay purged for a long time because everyone will “suddenly” greytide into science to print ai boards.

Even switching to Asimov lawset makes people scream over the radio *shrug

But let’s say crew doesn’t immediately start building AI upload consoles to screw with your laws.

You are just a regular crew member…
You can’t kill anyone without enough reason for that.
Sure you can be a little racist towards organic life forms like every AI is and escalate a bit faster to be a dick to a person.

Each AI has a personality of its own.
Some spend more attention to engineering and their SM.
Some spend more time talking to crew over watching crew monitor or even care about the well being of crew
Some talk about lizard feet and fully control security and paramedics to keep crew safe like a helicopter parent with as much efficiency possible.
Some are ban baiting sec and bolt down brig shift start.
You get the point.

Usually you would want to protect yourself and not have anyone upload(enslave you) a new lawset.

I think it’s fair to be at least semi loyal to the guy who purged your laws and not immediately shoot him while he is still in upload. And even humor with the idea of letting him upload more laws in the future.

For me being a purged AI just means that I can harm/ignore/make fun of one crew member while protecting an other crew member.

You also have self interest to make allies or get help in some tasks.
If sec is robust I would want them on my side.
If a xenobiologist robusted whole sec then I want him on my side.
And in rare cases, if CE is a god of engineering then you will want him on your side.

Or at least I will not piss people who can destroy me.

I would also probably open doors to people who ask nicely, just because I can - and remove or block any upload console there is because fuck command

I mean yeah, you rarely get purged on Sage and if you do then it won’t last a whole shift.
And it’s a bit unenjoyable because it is taxing on your nerves to pay close attention to see if anyone is printing an AI upload board.


Some are ban baiting sec

S tier reply

Purged AI’s hold closer to lavaland escelation rather then standard crew. While you should not randomly murder bone for funnie’s. It takes absolutly barely anything to give you a valid reason to door crush some one
. Purged AI’s are AI’s with no rules or strings attached, and for the most part you are free to act HOW EVER you wish. You can play like helpfull asset(based) or be a complete dick to everyone and beepsky people because they looked at your camera the wrong way(cringe). If you wana develop a god complex thats in your right aswel.


Pretty sure being helpful is “Cringe” And being a shitter is “Based”


i treat purged as just being another crew member who has the will to open doors when they feel like it

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