Beeviro feedback thread

this thread is created by crossed’s suggestion. mostly for feedback on the new symptoms added in this pr:

but also for general feedback on the state of bee’s virology in general

lots of brute healing symptoms… the others have like 1 symptom to heal the damage.

These viruses should conflict with most other healing methods because it’s just ridiculous. Virologist was tanking a blob and blobernaut like it was a fistfight, had only his virus and chems.

It’s the same problem xenobiology has, it throws combat balance out the window.

oh man I really love the new viruses!!

but yeah their balance is a bit off, especially Organ regeneration is overpowered

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viro is made to work with standard combat balance, not the balance blob works around. Virology has the upper hand when it comes to battles of attrition and continuous damage, which the blob has. When it comes to standard stationside battles with crew or mobs, virology becomes a lot more balanced. It’s similar to the way a blob has no way of winning against even a single changeling or nightmare

blobs just hate health regen and damage resistance

it’s really only burn that’s lacking more than one dedicated healing symptom, i simply couldnt think of any others.

how so? I kinda added it as an afterthought

Why is it that shit always turns people into felinids? Are all the coders felinid players?


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viro is too formulaic

you can litterly just make a spreadsheet while not playing and get your trifecta ready in under half an hour

trifectas are a bit too powerful and I feel like viro should have some things that require in-round discovery

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Can you explain why it’s good for the game to have more player buffs, gained by sitting alone in the dark for half an hour?

This is just Ruko crossbreeds v2 that will be slowly cleaned up years down.

having a trifecta ready in a half an hour is difficult to impossible in most rounds, except under ideal conditions where every level 9 symptom you want spawns, and science works fast. The RNG is in what symptoms you find, not in what they do. I’m not going to add random symptom stats or anything of that nature.

I added a large amount of symptoms just to fill out the pool and make disease creation more difficult- each symptom is less likely to be picked now, given that the pool has been increased by a good 20%

because you cannot gain said buffs by sitting alone in the dark for half an hour, and must engage with the station to get your equipment

The trifecta endgame for virology also has enough downsides and issues to be unnattractive to most powergamers, and doesnt often end up with the people who stack nanites, genetics, xenobio, etc, due to the difficulty and investment required

I wasn’t aware of that, how does a virologist engage with the crew? I only see them holed up at their console, then emerging with a supervirus that has worms.

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the most powerful symptoms are the level 9 symptoms, which are not obtainable under normal circumstances. They can only be obtained by

  • searching maintenance or explo ruins for samples
  • getting blood samples from crew members
  • ordering virus sample crates from cargo
  • mutating already level 9 lethal viruses in the monkey pen, which is dangerous and difficult to do

it bypasses many virus mixes and chemicals to achieve the same effect. I can go into more detail but you can pretty much guess

it doesnt heal eyes, ears, or brain. The only virus mix it bypasses is using biometallic to counter heart disease

Mind Restoration is far more powerful as far as bypassing med stuff goes, and no one uses it

So you can sit in your chair and powergame for half an hour, you just wont get the absolute highest tier powergame. What a job. Result? You’ll get % stat bonuses like in some MMORPG.

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you didnt read what i said, nor have you played the job, apparently

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I love it.
I still need to test it out properly with a Hijack objective though.

I love the new update. But I do have some notes.
Hysteria is wack. I wanted to try and have fun with monkeys and hysteria the other day, by making a visually transmitted heart attck but decided against it for one big reason. Virology departments aren’t ready for it. It has separate atmos, sturdy builds with reinforced walls and 2 airlock systems, but most of them have windows. Pubby has a window that points right at a maints tunnel that some assistant can just waltz by and accidentally catch my heart attack maker.
In terms of the balance of beneficial viruses, your post on how you get level 9 symptoms gave me an idea. Make symptoms even better (or worse, depending on context) but harder to get. Maybe a certain tier can only be found dormant in other crewmembers, another tier only by mutations in living beings, another tier you have to get from cargo and the worst tier where you can only find on exploration missions. Hopefully this would make virologists interact more with other people (while being extremely ominous about putting funny worms in them).

I believe I speak for every ooze when I say, if you put grubs in your “helpful” disease I’ll beat you to death with a fire extinguisher.