BeeStation Westmarch Campaign

ALRIGHT NERDS, who wants to be part of a westmarch campaign between beestation regulars?

  • a westmarch campaign is a D&D (5e) campaign in which instead of having one party, you have a CRAPTON of people playing at any given time, potentially with several different DM’s, in the same setting. the players decide where they wanna go, tell a DM, and the DM does it. players are responsible for gathering parties together.
  • if we wanna be extra special about it, we can do this in-game, gathering our characters together and doing d&d sessions around a table in an actual round of ss13. naturally, this will be more chaotic. naturally, i like this option better.

Never done or heard of the Westmarch campaign, but I like the idea of having DMs handle specific things to allow for a pseudo-MMO sort of setup.

Have a DM doing something like TFTYP where groups can come in and do a dungeon or something for riches, while other DMs handle say the open world exploration, etc.

Hell throw in Acquisition Inc frameworks for people who want to setup a guild of sorts.

Biggest issue is DMs will need to confer with each other occasionally to keep ruling consistent.

Few Complications: which server? Ask for a green shift so there’s not as much of a threat of being exploded, murdered, etc. or just let it happen naturally? If we just let it happen how will continuity of gameplay work?

I almost feel like having this be a mini-event of sorts would be the easiest way to coordinate, achieve a continuity of gameplay, etc.

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Terrible idea.

A westmarch server needs a lot of coordination and rules alongside a healthy player and dm pop.

Much like bee there needs to be head DMs that make the rulings and scale the balance of the universe everyone is playing in otherwise it will fall prey to the faults most westmarch servers have, namely powercreep and dm variance. Thats a lot of work to do alongside documentation work.

The idea is great though but i imagine joining a proper westmarch server would be better than setting one up

Alternatively just write a story and convince a few dms to run it

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DnD here sounds like it’d be a lot of fun.
Here’s the single best source I know of as a general reference for all things 5e:

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Bruh maybe keep your scope a lill small and see how dnd works with like, the most mundane setup.

Im pretty sure most people would absolutely sign up, but that doesnt mean they know how to play.

Itd make more sense for all of you know-hows to settle all the balance and shit out, then go out and get like 4 players each, teach them a little then segway into the big blob that you are planning to do.

P.s: id like to play though…

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Fuck yeah I’m in

As long as I get to be a catgirl

I mean, yeah. There are Tabaxi in Volo’s Guide to Monsters.

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I actually wanna try out dnd for once, so if anyone knows what hes doing dab me up


If you have any questions, I’m sure there are enough people here that play DnD. I am only well versed in 3.5 though, not in the more “modern” DnD versions.

If you need a website to play DnD because you have no friends or due to covid:

I’d be interested. Though I hope you know the effort involved in Westmarches.

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I’d be down to join, but im pretty new to the dungeons and the dragons

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i have uhh 600 hrs GMing but run on foundry instead. Ill run if you actually have a proper set up

I’d be interested to join

Next to no knowledge about the mechanics of DnD though

Nothing a little googling can’t fix though I’m pretty sure

Is it Text chat friendly? Not a fluent english speaker and i got thick accent too

setting the invite to delete so that it doesn’t attract grief in the longrun

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