Beestation lore

i want you all to just make a huge melting pot of your theories in the comments

Beestation is a experiment run by nanotrasen to see how ethical a station of retards would be, and how long they would last, hence the repeating research.

i thought that was just space station 13 in general

Good boy is a lovecraftian creature created by admem’s to inspire fear among their players (slaves of za adminbus) for that reason he is robust as fuck and when you kill him by 0 in a trillion chance you feel a lovecraftian voice on your head saying “Crin’ge”

There was a bigass lore draft on the /tg/ forums, but I lost the link to it. Uhhhh… something something SolGov weak NT stronk Syndicate cucked Wizards weird Lings hired and most of all, “it was all about the plasma.”

BeeStation is basically one of the many death traps advertised as “top of the line” plasma processing facilities, and is really just where NT dumps all its inbred test tube rejects for cheap labor at low costs.

TG, Bee, Fulp, Yog are all close to Earth or at least in SolGov’s jurisdiction. Paradise is further out, so it’s where NT sends newly hired alien scum. Citadel and Vore are the black box locations where NT sends its enemies and people it’s not pleased with on an explicitly one way trip.

The Managerial Reassignment of Personnel Station is generally the station used to demonstrate to investors and potential customers. Therefore, a higher standard of professionalism and skill is generally required there.

Well, at least higher than the LRP station. God knows what that stands for.

Lings, Retards, Profit!

Moving this thread to General because it’s in fact, not a guide.

It’s a social experiment by nanotrasen to see how autists behave.
In other words, autism research station.

You see, it helps the low IQ plebs understand the complexity of :b: lore, so it’s a guide.

Found it. Useful for a base.

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