Beestation is not friendly to new players

I have no clue why it advertises itself as friendly to new players. Because it clearly isn’t.

Last round I played as HOP and everything went fine, I manned the HOPline and checked on service occasionally. Then nukies were announced, and I wanted to give out AA so the crew could fight them. Captain said no, and you could tell he was genuinely mad at me for even trying to do so, and told me to stop, because there are “other confirmed threats”, which translated means there were heretics therefore the gamemode was dynamic, not nukies and it could mean that gasp a valid could touch one of these AA cards. Who cares if nukies blow up the station? Or if they instantly cause delta alert every other time they get announced? But no, as long as le valid doesnt get le boost its okay I guess.

Then I tried to call red alert, since nukies were present, but captain got pissed at me again, because apparently it has been called 5 minutes ago. I didnt hear it, seriously. It might be bugged or something because I didnt hear the sound. But then he told me it was so obvious that it was red alert because of “the fire alarms”. Because apparently on red alert theyre blinking??? Based on not knowing this obscure fact that isnt even on the wiki he straight up went to asking me if I was even fit for duty.

So I left. I was tired of these poorly disguised personal insults towards me. Nukies mightve destroyed the station, I didnt check how the round turned out. But again, no one gives a shit. Its all my fault now because I dared to be new at command unlike all those other REAL command mains whove been on 1000+ hours since the day they fucking installed byond.

(Not everyone, but most) people who joined before the end of golden are elitist pricks who think of everyone after them as tiders and NRPers, or call them felinid ERPers if theyre actually better at roleplaying than them. It’s very apparent once you start to notice it and it makes me sick.

Im not saying any specific names, because this is a serverwide problem. This server hates new players, period. There’s nothing in it that even remotely assists anyone who joined recently, other than mentors maybe? Thats not even close to enough. Especially when the very people who need them have yet to figure out how to mhelp anyways.

I cried when I left that round. I’m not even exaggerating or joking or anything, I really did. Because I don’t remember how golden was like. And this is enough for me to never, ever be truly considered a true beestation player.

I think it’s time for me to take a break from this game. Might do one of these things were you ask an admin to ban you for some time. So, see you in a week or so. I’m out.


Your first lesson as HOP, don’t take it hard

EDIT: wait until you play other heads and also learn these small things for their job


You know what? I agree. Beestation isn’t the friendliest it could be to new players.
I’ve been made fun of for not knowing things. I’ve seen people in dchat get extremely upset at others in their “team” when they don’t also have 1000 hours and help them perfectly. I’ve accidentally hit a vending machine with a wrench instead of a screwdriver and died because of it. The wikipedia is outdated. Wisteria, the ultra bubbly character that loves to put up a store and sell stupid things for stupid low prices, has been robbed, people have defaced their posters wordlessly, destroyed their paystand, and asking for security’s help never helps. Just on the same round you’re talking about, the HoS came up to me, called me filth and spat on me, unprompted.
But at the same time, this round I got to talk to and interact with someone that looked relatively new to the game. The round before, I showed a janitor where their place of work was and alot of other things since they were genuinely learning the controls for the first time. I’ve gone out of my way from doing my projects when I hear someone around me doesn’t know something and is willing to learn.
The problem is partly due to the community, but you are PART of the community as well! Be the change you want to see in the server :b


Believe it or not, the rude as shit command players are actually the brand new ones who are power tripping out of their fucking minds the entire time until they mellow out or get command banned, command isn’t new player friendly due to the fact that the postitions are populated by people who barely know their department, let alone the rules or even space law.

As of recently i’ve noticed that there are obvious new people joining in as command and proceeding to be the most insufferable people i’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with and will sit there and berate other players the entire round and not even play a character, it all comes off as OOC anger on their part.


I always remember how I was walked through mining by one of my fellow miners, during one of my first shifts in game.

Now I relay that knowledge, that you should carry GPS in your suit or boots, that you can pick up a berret, that when someone on coms calls for a check in, you check in! and that you should call for check ins yourself!
That you should be prepared to find your fellow miner and bring them back to the station for medical treatment, because miners can only really count on each other.

@Peppercats I’m personally only about 45 is hours in on command roles and god, it is stressful, being polite is of course a priority but holy shit if it isn’t a demanding thing to ask when you spawn in as the solo-command staff HoP.
One time a Wizzard spawned into the cap’s office while I was getting prepped and my immediate reaction was “One of is isn’t walking out of this a free man, or alive” per what command roles are supposed to have the attatude of towards Wizzards, I immediately followed this up with “So either leave the way you came in, or just friggin off me”
He offed me.
Another time, apparently ruined an assistant’s round by denying them Maint, but offering them a janitorial position, they said they wanted to go in there to hunt mice but the black plague round caused by mice eating was still fresh in my mind, I said Jani or no maint, they chose no Maint.

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Its not just a matter of helping out new players its also a matter of attracting and retaining them. Ive heard LOTS of admins on this forum outright state that they believe the quality of players on the server is too low and they would rather have fewer more knowledgeable players and its obvious they routinely hand out perma bans without hesitation to achieve this goal of pruning the servers population.

Side note: what kind of “new player friendly” server bans people for saying “based”?

The people who get banned for saying “based” are not new. They’ve had multiple warnings leading up to the ban because they can’t play a character for the life of them.


I hate to say this because it may come off as somewhat rude but it needs to be said. Your refusal to report the problem is actively contributing to it whether you know it or not. You can’t expect us to be able to fix an issue when you obscure the people involved.

If it is indeed a larger issue then it needs to be cracked down on harder, not ignored because it’s too big of a problem.


What, no? We don’t intentionally perma ban people to decrease server pop? That doesn’t make any sense.

We ban people who don’t align with what we are (or are trying to be) as a server. Not just because we want to drop our pop.

We seem to give out totally random bans with arbitrary lengths. Look at Spindel, banned 10 times for 2-3 days. Me, 1k hours, bam second offense perma. You don’t ban people for metacomms if it’s on the grounds they were “teaching” a new player, by wordlessly teaming up to kill people by their own admission. I too haven’t been playing bee because of how strange the bans/notes system is.

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You’ll be shocked to hear that there’s often additional information being considered in bans that you can’t see as a player that can explain our decisions. As for Spindel in particular I can’t really comment on that as I’m not entirely familiar with all the bans on them.

It doesn’t.


There is no comment.


Honestly dont take comments IC as OOC, its a roleplaying game

That implies the person spewing vile is acting IC… Even then… still a bad take if they are being legitimately abusive to someone…

Telling you to kill yourself and calling you worthless trash repeatedly is still a shitty thing to do. IC or not…


I mean I can understand the captain getting mad at someone in command staff as if he worked for several years with them.

Telling you to kill yourself and calling you worthless trash repeatedly is still a shitty thing to do. IC or not…

Fair enough tbh, that’s just plain toxicity.

I agree with what Gilgax said, and most of the veteran players and staff that are kind and decent will tell you the same: ‘’ Be the change you want to see in the server’’ And ‘‘If you see someone breaking the rules or being overly rude, ahelp it if there’s no admemes on, make a player report!’’ though i share some sentiment in what OP said

I personally don’t see Beestation as ‘‘the best hub for new players!’’ anymore not because of the rude people (who does get pruned and banned if they’re reported) but mostly because we lack some QoL stuff that are inherently good to learn the game, to give an example:

TG antag UI is ten times better than what we have because it’s very descriptive and helpful with links to their wiki and ‘‘easy to understand’’ words

It also depends at what time you’re getting on… lately some late-night shifts have been filled with a lot of powergamey and toxic fellas…


The only people who seem to get perma banned are either striaght griefers or the left over people who were die hard Golden players who refuse to do anything but actively ruin rounds. Tonight when i was talking with a vampire as the chaplain trying to figure out what to do with him, a chemist walked up and screamed “KETAMINE” then tried to force feed me a ketamine pill, like this shit is stuff that was normal on Golden and these people seem to come back from hiatus and pull the most annoying lrp bullshit the entire round.

I really think another part of the issue is marketing the server as “for beginners” then also trying to make it a roleplay server, because most people come to this game at this point due to videos that glorify griefing and shit like ketamine walter white chemist.

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might be because I was a new player 2 years ago but personally I never had issues with people being mean or rude but I have met some pretty rude heads of staff

bad head of staff seem to only be new player who have the power go to their head and become powertripping assholes, trust me I was a major ass when I first unlocked RD but after a couple rounds of getting my shit kicked in and getting clowned on I mellowed out and even later became a mentor

Sorry but it’s impossible to prevent people from powertripping when you give them a position of power, you can only really do something like a command whitelist which I do not think will work on bee

what would help would be making it easier for new players to learn about mhelp and making it easier for mentor to help new players (mentor mice when?)

overall it’s really hard to just shift a playerbase compeltely espiecally newer players but

TL;DR most people who aren’t new player friendly are normally actually new players and mentors need to be better

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You hate to see this kind of thing. I’ve experienced this before as well, and it can really stink.

I had a hop round just like this when sage went down and we all went on to acacia. Ai was acting odd so I went to check upload, and immediately the ai starts shit talking me and the cap and ai start saying I gave myself additional access (which I didn’t) and how I should be demoted (fuck you I quit).

You do your best and people act like you’re a fucking tider.