Beestation demographics poll

Take this, you will need it.


I do not fear the wrath of god, for I will flip him off and walk backwards straight into hell.

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Yes lump all of europe together

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Ban bait poll, in before admins just download and ban anyone who chose high school

(oh wait, its highest level of education, you should have at least provided a ‘None’ option for the majority of SS13 players)


Ever take grade 13? AKA the Victory lap? you’re probably old enough to play on the server by then.

Unless we have 6 geriatrics, looks like I am the oldest person on the server.

Old man of the spess station, tell us your wisdom.

lived before the creation of byond in '96

When you have an upset tummy, never trust a fart.


In general remember that forcing a fart is always a gamble, the odds can be better or worse between conditions but there is always a chance.

Truly, the wisdom of centuries. :pensive::pray:

When it comes to fart it is much better to let it flow out naturally, just relax and let the gas go away. Silent fart and it is much less risky.
If you fart often your farts become smaller :+1:

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