Bee RP will probably always be mrp regardless

Why are folks suddenly pretending that sage is this in depth rp setting.

I see maybe like ten players a round that actually roleplay, and its light roleplay at that.

I dont think changing the rules is going to make the server any more roleplay friendly. People are still gonna behave the same way, just with more restriction.

Golden and Sage are different in terms of playerbase (thats being kind), and bee rp is quite fun, but I dont think we need to pretend that its anything other than mrp.

The server should change with the players, not the other way around.

This is just a thought vomit, I might give this actual structure later, but I wanted to hear other peoples opinions. <3

Because they don’t like the idea of actually being expected to RP instead of just playing it like any other game.

If we were pushing for HRP or anything above MRP, there would be a requirement for applications with character sheets instead of being free-for-all open access with admins only removing the reported/noticed troublemakers.

No server is HRP if they aren’t vetting their players with some form of application process to verify the kind of character they want to play to make sure they’re not either trying to Mary Sue or Edgelord McSelfAntag

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Wasnt the whole point of taking the “mrp” out of Sage’s name was so it would stop being called an mrp server

What would even constitute a Mary Sue in ss13? All the technology has been simplified to the point of being just a few clearly labeled buttons.


am I in?

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Was so it would stop being compared to other servers with their own set of standards, and remove the “MRP is supposed to mean X” arguments. We are still very much aiming for a “medium” approach to it, we just don’t give a rat’s ass what someone else wants to define as medium and are tired of players outright refusing certain things as “not being MRP”

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half minotaur, half ogre dragons magazine 335 +8 strength +8 cons for +1 LA.

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I’m still trying to find a D&D group, gonna try the D&D discord; I posted in an lfg but apparently if you actually want a game you’ll have to approach the DMs D:

+8 strength, lmao… bro :waning_crescent_moon:
God of AC here tho, it’s “19” but then there’s the shield to be factored in

Try playing a session of D&D from within an ongoing round of SS13


Forget the D&D discord, its a shithole. try one of those online d&d group websites instead.

my best 3.5 cheese was around 39 ac at level 6 with 34 strength. i dont think i can top that. ever. but then again i like to min-max a lot in 3.5

The D&D groups of on-going rounds aren’t exactly the kind of D&D I’m after; no proper character sheets, no rules and fairly disorganized, especially when it’s done on byond; tho I should try this curator gimmick again soon.

idk I’m very bad when it comes to approaching people for my sake, I can’t assess the discord yet

This AC got high by accident, I was thinking of making a hardy dwarf but not one that forces 19s or 20s to hit xd

I mean, if there already is an established consensus on what mrp is, of course actively stretching that definition is going to upset people

There is no definition of MRP.

People interpret MRP as “Whatever RP level I personally play at”.

What Cae said.

Every server that labeled as MRP had different standards and expectations, including us. We are not the first one to drop the “MRP” tag because of constantly dealing with players who came from a different MRP server complaining that the way they did this aspect was better.

I mean … I think what the server “is” has everything to do with the players and not so much the administration. ?

MYou can try playing adventurers league (5e DND) the barrier to entry is a lot lower than private dnd communities with the flip side of Having less character development.

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I mean big issue is this would require a degree of metafriending/ganging. But man if only

If we were a for-profit server or a business, it would make sense to cater to as many potential players as possible. Instead we want to curate a specific experience on Sage and put the goal of being new-player friendly ahead of player desires - this is why having a knowledgeable leader as head of staff is more important to us than allowing a bit more chaos/freedom into rounds, and why we expect them to teach players that their misconduct has consequences… even if what we’re pushing for is also on the higher side of RP standards compared to other similar servers.

There’s currently a new server exploding right now because it’s serving a niche that no other server is, and no other server wants to fill. If you come to Bee expecting us to turn into some other server… just go to that server. We will make our own decisions which sometimes align with them and sometimes don’t

ok well at this point i just think head roles should be whitelisted. i don’t play on sage but it seems like this would be very difficult to execute.

being dismissive of entitled players makes sense.

but yeah i don’t think ignoring the playerbase as a motivating factor for decision-making leads to bad decisions. i just think the execution requires ruling with an iron fist. or ruling with a bedazzled golden glove specifically tailored to some hulk-looking purple bitch