Bastian0930 & St0rmC4st3r Admin Reportt

CKEY: BlackNog

Your Discord: Morari#3206

Offender’s CKEY: bastian0930 & St0rmC4st3r

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): Sebastian Derancla

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 2020-05-04 20:00(GMT+5)

Round Number: 15498 ,15500

Rules Broken (if relevant): self antag, acting LRP on MRP.

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): broke server rules, ban baiting

Incident Description: St0rmC4st3r admin report

Additional Information: 15498( for 15500 check the link) tried to banbait/validbait me for two rounds it a row. in 15498 started his shove+grab fiesta( not a single attack log from me), and kept doing it for a min or more, which lead to both our death obv not appropriate admin behaviour.


Going for the double kill I see.

You early launched before the other guy could get on, which pissed me off. So, I took the nonlethal approach and shoved you. Then, in a different round, you did it again after I ic asked you not to. Then, you ended up putting me in hard crit where I succumbed.

Its important to note no where did I go lethal first. He went lethal first, then I retaliated.

oh so you’d ASSAULT someone IRL because of your own tardiness?

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I nonlethally shoved them??? How does that translate to assault?

So you spam shoved/grabbed the same dude two consecutive rounds because he launched the mining shuttle before everyone was on, he eventually beats the shit out of you (what the fuck did you expect?) And you pinged another jannie to bwoink/punish him?

Wtf? Or am I missing something here

Bruh and this was MRP too lmao?


15498 lauched early - yes. 15500 - no, other guy was afk, we’ve waited for 20sec+ after we got geared.
after I ic asked you not to
No, ic, uve said nothing.
So, I took the nonlethal approach and shoved you
Oh yeah, today im gonna play wrestling station 13 for 10 min cos other guy was afk and didnt get to be on the shuttle…thats pissed you off so much…also ghosting instatly in crit to make accuse me of killing. Oh yeah ive been wreslin this guy for a min and he is not fighting back…what should i do…hmmm…i should keep wrestling him right…Hmmmm…ive got hit with a knife two times, and the guy just fled peacefully…my body and souls cannot withstand this i must kill him…hmmm i nearly critted him…hmmm he still havent responded for me killing him…hmmm…what should i do…yeah continues killing him ofcourse! Oh shit he got my only weapon and is not trying to fight…hgggmmm what should i do…hhrgrrrgrgrg must find a new weapon to kill him…Oh no… he critted cos ive pick up a pickaxe and started smashing him at the head…shit…ive lost…>ooc>ghost>ahelp:JANNIE HALP!!!1


uhm bro you do know shoving someone to the ground IRL is a crime right?

You do realise this is space station 13, correct? That’s not considered a crime.

Oh then why did St0rmcaster apparently use IRL as an argument when handling the bwoink?

I’m not st0rm, why the fuck would I know?

so you think doing LRP in MRP is fine aslong as it’s you doing it lol


He was litterally buying gear on the machine. He called the shuttle back not too long later, iirc on round 15500

You shouldn’t have even crit me in the first place.

Entire paragraph

Aren’t we supposed to keep a somewhat formal tone? That’s not even remotely formal.

so your entire argument is
just don’t be slow???

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Dont strawman please

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“I shouldn’t have attacked you in the first place sorry Morari”
fixed :slight_smile:

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i mean rule 1 exists so i dont know why you guys are trying to get the admins in trouble. The literal FIRST rule is that admins can get away with what they want. which in this case is blatantly breaking conduct and not RP’ing

Round 15498
[2020-05-04 13:12:32.038] bastian0930 \ Sebastian Derancla \ Shaft Miner \ Nanotrasen Internal Affairs Agent \ ROUNDSTART
[2020-05-04 13:12:30.904] blacknog \ Buster Robinson \ Shaft Miner \ NONE \ ROUNDSTART


I’m trying to pull logs but I don’t see a single instance of bass ever interacting with you in 15498. Still haven’t pulled 15500 yet, but are you sure that is the right round or this issue is actually spanning 2 rounds?

They both said it was two rounds