Bastian0930 note appeal by MiniMeatwad


Admin’s CKEY:MiniMeatwad

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Ah, you see, LRP only existed at the time.

Ban Type:Permanent game, repealed. I want to appeal the note

Ban Length:Over with

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):2019-08-31

Round ID:Unknown

Ban Reason:“Metacommunication on the discord.”

Appeal Reason: This ban was applied in a VC with multiple other admins while I was speaking with them. According to mini from my memory, I was apparently warned multiple times. However, no other admins heard these warnings. This ban was removed on the old fourms, so you’re kinda shit out of luck on finding the original ban appeal. However, of note, it was removed within the same day - almost 5 minutes apart I believe.

Thus, I would like for this note to be removed. It does not showcase what I actually did and did not influence my later application to administration.

Additional Information: I’m pretty sure like, 2 people remember this guys existence that are on the admin team. Can I get someone to deal with this who dealt with Mini previously?


Woulda been 14 at the time. It was a bit before my birthday that year… and I probably was being a annoying cunt knowing me.

Meaning you’re 17 now?

They would be 18 according to that statement

It was 3 and a half years ago

If i recall correctly Bastian pretty much came back here when he turned 18 and was ‘‘banned’’ from being here until he reached that age. He probably talked with an old admin back then when we introduced that policy.


That policy was especially unfortunate for the few people who’s ages were generally known at the time.

No, I’m 18. That’s why I specified before my birthday. I can provide ID to crossed worst case, as I have one.

This is correct.

Late birthdays do be fucky tho :flushed:

Yeah, I was banned to my exact 18th birthday. And it wasn’t just ONE admin, it was like… the whole fucking team. I didn’t want any bias so I just straight up told them “dude i deserve the ban fuckin do it lmao” or something along those lines

Very - I just wanted to play spess game

Can we get back on topic, please? My age is not the debate here, crossed literally has my exact birthday saved somewhere lol


Generally, notes that still accurately describe what happened won’t be removed. The actual question is why are you appealing this just now? And not four years ago?

(And y’know, notes this old basically won’t be taken into consideration in any situation really)

I honest to god didn’t know you could appeal notes at the time. Remember, I was still kind of new to bee at the time.


That’s because it wasn’t allowed at the time, or even any time soon after.
Notes weren’t even visible to the person they were applied to until much much later without specifically asking to be told what your notes were.


tfw you’ve been on longer then the current head admin, who didn’t know this was a thing



Now that this is out of the way. I don’t really see an issue with removing this note. As it does seem it was just some bullshit ban that was applied and basically removed immediately.
The note should be removed now.