Bastian0930 Admin Report

CKEY: Halinder

Your Discord: N/A

Offender’s CKEY: Bastian0930

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): Violent Jay

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 02/23/2020

Round Number: 12835

Rules Broken (if relevant): 3. Self-Antag.

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): 5. Playing the Game

Incident Description:

Part 1, Self-Antag: As a clown, Violent Jay gave themselves access and security equipment because the actual Head of Security shot themselves in the armory. That part’s fine. What’s not fine is that they later went on to try and arrest crew members because they had “suspicion of murder” despite the fact that the person in question was a total newbie who’d never left the robotics bay and the “murdered” were borg patients. The majority of the station characterized this as a kidnapping (the roboticist was harmed several times and the clown was very apparently not an actual member of security). We repeatedly had to rescue the roboticist. Again, not a problem.

It becomes a problem because the borgs refuse to let Jay have things like flashes because, in ours and pretty much everyone else’s perspective, he’s been trying to kidnap a crew member. He cites that the borgs are rogue because they won’t follow his law 2 orders when law 1 takes precedent, and blows all borgs (including those who were not synced to the AI).

Part 2, Playing the Game: Due to the brain damage mechanic in the game, Violent Jay kicked himself into crit with a muscle spasm. He was then healed out of crit, and soon after ahealed to full health (plus regenerated a lost leg). I can’t tell if this was his actions or the actions of the trialmin that was online, though.

Additional Information: N/A

hippity hoppity your opinion is wrong

Disregard, actually was a traitor, part 1 does not apply.

I did this


bold of you to claim he ahealed himself without logs

the ai was breaking laws before they were subverted
thats why I was ahealed, I believe.
i didn’t aheal myself.

I was the stealth admin that was asking you about information about what had happened, sorry about that.

The trial admin, Bloons3, ahealed him.

While I should have had more oversight on what happened, I was heading off to class during that time.

I am currently in class though, and I’ll try and dig up some information about it when I get home.

Regardless, since I was on during the round and technically involved, I don’t think that I should take a role in this since I am technically involved.


Cool, it’s resolved itself then. I got told to make a report while the round was still going so I wrote up a report.

AI was subverted when it dealt harm to you, though, no?

still was breaking law 2 before hand.

You can’t really break law 2 when you’re doing it in the interest of preserving law 1, AKA your repeated attempts to kidnap people.

I was the hos. HOS made me HOS after he killed himself with a sword. Also, kidnapping does not cause harm. Beating kidnapped people does. I didn’t do any of that. I flashed them.

No way for us to confirm that, given that the only people who knew about it were 1. you and 2. the HoS.

By that logic, if someone cuffs another person and starts dragging them off but /doesn’t/ hurt them, they can law 2 a borg to leave them alone.

a borg litterally saw it happen.

He didn’t disseminate that info to us. I got told “he’s HoS” by that borg, but the only person who said “HoS appointed me to HoS” was you, and I just assumed that the borg was repeating what you told it.

also, this is recomended to deadmin. not required. read the full thing.

Aye, I included it since it was closest to what I assumed was a self-aheal, but now that I know it fell to Bloons, this report is more or less me justifying why that aheal was a bad decision. Ah well, throw this one out.

Closing report at original poster’s request. I’ve got a handful of questions about the round still myself, but there’s nothing further to be said on a report against @Bastian0930