Bastian0930 admin report by 000xlynch

In-game misconduct:

CKEY: 000xlynch

Your Discord: Lynch#4012

Offender’s CKEY: bastian0930

LRP or MRP server: MRP Sage

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): Bastian was on ahelp duty, not IC

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 02.20.2020

Round Number: 12728

Rules Broken (if relevant):

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): 

Incident Description: Bastian0930 accused player 000xlynch of being a liar and lying to him on ahelp. 000xlynch provided details of the Mime attacking other players and Bastian0930 failed to review the logs and decided to accuse Lynch of being a liar and banning without reviewing the logs.

Additional Information: Logs prove Lynch's report of the Mime attacking people. LINK TO THE BAN RELATED TO BASTIAN'S CONDUCT:

Discord misconduct:

 Title: [Offender’s Discord] Discord Admin Report

 Your Discord:

 Offender's Discord:

 Rules Broken (if relevant):

 Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant):

 Incident Description:

 Additional Information:

You said he threw grenades, and acid. I saw litterally none of that. Now, he did attack you with a bottle of nothing. That’s it, however. That is what started the fight.

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Bastian, the Mime threw a chemical grenade. I don’t know who activated it, but if you search for “SILENT SNAKE WAVES.” or something along those lines, check the combat logs, you will see that SLOAN the Chemist was attacked by the mime with the acid grenade.

Silent Snake threw the grenade on Sloan and waved at him. Please check it.

You checked the explosive logs, bass? Pretty sure chem made nades go there too

I’ll logdive when I get home

For the record, I looked for a thrown grenade. There was none thrown. I just looked through logs, he never threw it, however he DID prime one. This shows in game logs, NOT attack logs. [2020-02-21 03:24:06.097] GAME: Maximus Robusticus/(Silent Snake) primed a chemical grenade at Aft Primary Hallway (0, 0, 0) containing: (beaker 1 : Sugar, 10 | Fluorine, 30); (beaker 2 : Fluorosulfuric acid, 20 | Potassium, 10 | Phosphorus, 10 | Chlorine, 10);. (Aft Primary Hallway (107, 103, 2))

Keep in mind, while checking logs ingame, for some reason this does NOT show ingame. You can test this on a private server to prove it. I’ve revoked the ban

Bastian, I apologize for my abrasive attitude but I wanted to defend my character as I do not appreciate being called a liar.

Thank you for looking into it and we all learned something about the logs for future reference.


Bastian, when you get a chance, could you still remove the ban notes on my account?

Truth be told, I have a lot of notes lately, having one saying I’m lying when I didn’t isn’t good.

Yeah, sorry chief. My fuckup. I can’t close this, but thank you for making me look at it one more time through the get-server-logs command instead of ingame

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tryna get bloons to, if he doesn’t i’ll try to do it tomorrow.