Basics of Genetics

Important notice - 16.07.2022 - some functionality described below was broken by codergang might not work (then, I might have forgotten to remove this “important” notice)


The field on the right is actually mislabelled and should be Universal Identifiers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The basics

UI (Universal Identifiers) are responsible for your looks - hair colour, eyes and so on
UE (Unique Enzymes) are responsible for your name being your name. Can’t be customized via genetics but you can steal them from other people using your machines.

This section of the console allows you to modify UIs to create your custom looking spacemen.
(And to make barber’s hair dye obsolete)

UI structure

Letters on the right are UIs of the person in the scanner presented in hex values.
They are arranged in 3-letter descending blocks, left to right, total of 7.

(so on your screenshot block 1 is dec, block 2 is 1ee and so on)

The blocks, left to right, are responsible for:

  • 1 - Hair Colour RGB
  • 2 - Beard Colour RGB
  • 3 - Skin tone (First letter only. Higher values define darker skin colours, might be the opposite)
  • 4 - Eye colour RGB
  • 5 - Gender (First letter only. Higher values define female, lower male. Might be opposite)
  • 6 - Beard Style (Quite useless since people can use mirrors and razors to change hairstyles. Last time I messed with it FDE was the no-beard combination)
  • 7 - Hair style (Quite useless since people can use mirrors and razors to change hairstyles)

Note that UI modification is not equally supported for all races.


You modify UIs by pulsing each value. (clicking the letter you want to modify)
Unlike gene sequences where you can select ATGC as you please, this process is semi-random.

  • Output level will be how much you want the value to change.

  • Pulse duration will determine your accuracy - low accuracy might cause modifications to be applied to random blocks and letters instead of the ones you clicked. It’ll also block the console from being used for its duration.
    Upgrading the manipulator reduces the time needed to get better accuracy.

  • When the identifier is pulsed, first probability is the chance of it being increased/decreased by the output level you set. Second is double the output level. (Or at least it should be, in doubt pray to RNGesus - in general you should do it a lot when modifying UIs)


You can make tiders asking for mutations cry as you arrange your monkeymen’s hair colours into a rainbow just because you can.
Also you can help people whose DNA was messed with or want changed looks and stuff.

Bonus points if you reverse-engineer someone’s UIs from a med records photo.