I personally don’t think there should be one to replace it. The fact its a very good entry level job teaches folk on what they are able to do in the game.

If you do feel like you have a problem with folk not fixing cams / lights, etc. Complain about it, RP about it, do somethin’. I think taking away a really simple task that (e.g. lights being for most janitors 50% of their role), lets be honest, anyone can do is just… unneccesary.

But again, this is personal preference, there may be others who wish for it. Just know now, it’s on sight if I see one of those borgs :triumph:

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Telling them to do it only helps sometimes and takes attention from other duties of the AI. And again most of them dont even know there possibilites which makes it even harder. Since you cant just tell them you need to explain them what to do, and sometimes I have the feeling they dont want to understand me, or I’m just very poor at explaining. And its totally fine to attack the bot, a shitcurity note will be added for sure :wink:

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Do note that it is also the Engineers’ job to replace lights. Do not fear nagging at them to do their God damn job!

engineers: try not to act like they’re always needed everywhere and they’re the most important challenge

I mean… you want your station a vacuum?


Found the engineer :smirk: