Basicguy20 Player Report

CKEY: Benbot16

Your Discord: Benbot16#2097

Offender’s CKEY: Basicguy20

Offender’s In-Game Name: Truthbringer

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12-21-2022 (PST)

Round Number: 41907

Rules Broken: 1, 7

Incident Description:
TL;DR: Truthbringer whispers in his last breath, “Fuck you useless antag…”

This player was a traitor during the round. During this time, they attempted to attack a nightmare with an ebow, and were subsequently killed by said miner. They then said the above thing as their last breath message, and afterwards were incredibly salty in dchat (up to and including trying to get other people to report the nightmare for doing nightmare things).

As I was an observer and doing other things during this time, this might be rather abridged, but that should easily be cleared up with say logs.

Additional Information:
I get that this can be frustrating, especially on lowpop, but salting in IC is really not the way to relieve that frustration.


You’re reporting me as a Nightmare when you murderboned me for shooting you with a nonlethal crossbow, LMFAO. This is after you started smashing APCs and power storage units (in engineering) as a Nightmare antag from roundstart so you were metagaming as well.

Hi, nightmare in question here, I had put this dude into crit after he fired the ebow at me, but I had long left when he used final words, to my knowledge, no one besides observers were in earshot of this happening, so even with it being an ooc message ic, it was harmless in the end.

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Still breaks the rules.

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I mean sure, but the point of the rule is to not break the immersion of the other people in the round, but if you’re just using it as your final word in an empty hallway who’s immersion are you breaking?


If you can’t show restraint here, how do we know you will be able to in other situations?

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Nightmare basically killed me for no reason and then proceeded to make the round objectively worse for everyone else by smashing APCs,power storage units, and lights. But me typing one comment when I was going to die was the decisive factor in lowering round quality? Yeah right…

Not to mention the comment was you essentially talking to yourself, if I say “prepare for a show, ghosties” when I roll blob or something, should it also be taken as a rule break?

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If you ask me, yes.

That’s literally its goal though? To snuff out the lights around the station.

For real? Why? 15characters


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‘You must roleplay’ applies to everyone that isn’t a ghost.

The rule literally states “do not discusss out of round information in game, do not break others immersion.” At no point was any out of round information discussed, nor anyones immersion broken, both in this instance and the hypothetical blob one, so this doesn’t really apply here.


Rule 7 wise they were salty in dchat, but it wasn’t really directed at anyone, next round they had simply said “fuck you” in ooc to me, but then apologized in private, so I’d say there was no harm no foul in that regard.
(I’m going to bed now I stayed up until 2 am for this)

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Yeah, I will admit that I get salty when I die or RR’d but unless I come here to report it. Im usually not serious about it or even remember for too long. I dont see why my knee-jerk reaction to being murdered by a midround is being used as justification to punish me.

If a traitor breaks character in a hallway, and nobody is around to hear it, was immersion really broken?


Technically, the existence of ghosts (in the context of observers, that is), and the idea of antags being a regular thing, are both out of round information. There might be some disagreement about the details of how the rules are treated, and that’s all out of my jurisdiction, but to my understanding this is pretty clear: anything that your character has no way of knowing, notably the fact that it’s a game and the details of how the game works, are out-of-round information.

I agree with this, but the matter isn’t whether or not it’s out of round information, but rather whether or not it’s acceptable to talk about out of round information when you’re alone/the only people listening are ghosts.

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When a tree falls in the forrest but noone’s around, does it make a sound?
The answer is of course it does.

If you’re alone that is slightly better i suppose since atleast you’re not breaking other people imersion aswell. But the matter of fact is, you’re still talking about shit IC you shouldnt know about IC. Making it meta/ocky-Icky or whatever you wanna call it.
Did you know that while OOC is disabled, LOOC is not?

I tend to use LOOC for stuff, but the big problem is that no one reads it because people only read runechat.

Also by the sounds of it, the player was crit anyway, and you cant use LOOC to salt while incapacitated, asleep, or crit.

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