Basic roleplaying tools

Other than flavor text, it would also be nice to see pixel shifting and Kapu’s say revamp merged, they’re minor stuff but they’re really handy for RP.


When I read the mention of flavor text I imagined tweak to chat that would allow us to merge ‘say’ and ‘me’ in fluid way so we could send messages like

Did you do it? He asked calmly but then waved his hand Never mind, it doesn’t matter

I remember playing text base via www RPGs years ago and this is exactly how role playing in tavern etc looked like. It was quite enjoyable system and enriched the experience greatly while being friendly even to complete newbie and I actually wouldn’t mind having something like that implemented on Bee.

But from what I gather from this thread by flavor text you mean a character profile.
How is it roleplaying friendly?
It seems to have the opposite effect of what people who propose it suggest.
Show, don’t tell. Let me get to know your character by your actions and conversations instead of announcing to me in very OOC way who they are, where they came from, what’s their story is and what type of personality they have

The only way it could be implemented would require available text space to be limited to basically no letters, so it would fit basically one short sentence and would have to be policed to contain only visual characteristics.
Mentioning anything other than visuals kills its purpose and is straight up against role playings since it doesn’t add details that you could reasonably notice (like a scar under eye), same goes for too long descriptions cause nobody will ever read them, even if you are chatting with someone for longer period.
And that’s just so it would fulfill its proposed purpose, I’m not even touching on issues noticed by others-how it would be used by more edgier members of community


wtf?, roleplaying tools? more like literal erp, what next erp mechanics?, sexcurity?, head of sex?, when will you stop trying to take our basedness smh.


Head of Sexcurity.

wtf, cringe???

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I mean… if you want to :flushed:

No bro, we should add clown utilization mechanics

Yet you provided no counter argument and cited no sources.

That… Doesn’t really change anything? You’re advocating for lore to be created, I’m just pointing out that it exists. Advertising is potentially a problem, sure, and we can have a link on the wiki to direct people there… But people didn’t even know we had a lore page on the wiki; at some point it stops being a problem we can solve.

I think I’ve seen like four people use this and then maybe one person actually respond to it. Could have just been the times I was on bay, but that was my experience.

Edit: Of the suggestions, this one I’m probably more open to. But I think it falls into pretty much all of the same traps flavor text falls into (given that it’s just flavor test but in a different spot)

Edit 2: I feel like this came off a bit more agro than I intended. Not my intention, I’m open to actual discussion

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Oh i’m glad i can finally stop wondering what’s canon lore and what’s not, that document is quite useful and getting an official :+1: from Crossed makes me at ease, i completely agree with their tatement.

Something that would be a nice roleplaying tool + QoL would be porting over existing stuff that TG has such as their antagonist panel they’re very newplayer friendly and it also adds the flavor of containing the allegiances of the antagonist which leaves options for the traitor on how to proceed and who to trust/murder/avoid/etcetera, it’s a nice mix of overall lore + QoL + can help an antag around and might help to create some RP situations.

If anyone knows more stuff like that from TG or others servers please share em!


We can’t really provide sources other than our own experience here, there is no peer reviewed study about flavor text. Our experiences just differ and that’s ok, I understand.

If you say that this would be too hard to moderate, then there is no reason to argue any further, i trust your decision <3

If no one knows about the lore, it’s as if it didn’t exist.

It’s not something that just needs to be referenced once and then its work is done.

It serves the purpose of providing context to the lives and choices of our characters.

Do we? I couldn’t find it by typing lore in the search bar.

We should advertise its existence (at the very least on the main page of the wiki, like most HRP servers), it would work better than never mentioning it.

dw <3

You can cite other projects and how they handle it, other people’s experiences, your own experience, etc.

This arguably applies to people not reading it as well. It’s not difficult to find and I’ve referenced it numerous times, yet people still think it doesn’t exist or haven’t gone out of their way to read it.

Lore isn’t a necessity, it’s a tool that people can choose to use to better flesh out their understanding of the “world” and to create interesting characters that fit within that universe. People who actually want lore will seek it out and use it accordingly. People who aren’t interested wont make the effort, and that’s OK. While it’s not extraordinarily fleshed out, there is still a good bit of world building in the game itself and enough lore fragments scattered around the setting to give people a foundation to build on and to create interesting & engaging characters.

It is on the main page and always has been.

If you were looking for based, you’ve come to the wrong place, last I checked bee station is on the mild side of cringe.

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I mean, most other roleplay servers have flavor text.

But if you say that it would be too hard to moderate, I absolutely understand and trust your decision.

Of course, I’m not saying it is strictly necessary to roleplay, but it does greatly improve the overall experience. I’ve already stated my opinion as to why I believe so.

I don’t want to argue technicalities, but it’s not called lore (so people browsing for lore in the page or on the search bar will not find it immediately), and it’s relegated to the bottom links. Most other roleplay servers have bigger and easier to see links.

I honestly didn’t even know we HAD a lore, after more than a thousand hour in this game while regularly browsing the wiki.

I could move the link up the the bigger ones, if it’s not a problem.

I hope I’m not coming off as a debate-bro, because I really do appreciate all the work and effort you put into this community, Crossed. Thank you.

I think about it having about a sentence’s worth would probably suffice, like maybe somewhere between 15 and 40 characters and no link support.

just enough to let people write “he has have various skin grafts”, “her ears had a persistant twitch”, “there was a sort of vacancy behind the lizard’s eyes” or “the moth looks slightly tinged around the edges”

If you can’t think of something worth while to fit within a sentence, you probably don’t need a flavor text and should really just stick to actively RPing what you’re looking to convey yourself.

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