Based Topic

Make this the most based and redpilled topic on the fourms

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no, only crusader’s topics were based and redpilled

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don’t speak of him. hes gone theres nothing we can do



The ADMINS BANNED MY STUDENT. they shotted him and he dead now. not epic pls admin pls un ban last crusader he did no mean to do harm

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Here, in this thread, we see the age old struggle for power and recognition that occurs any time a vacuum is created from a removed leader of a community. Will they forget and move on, imitate and assume the empty throne, or transcend becoming greater and the next target for removal? Only time will tell.

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the shitposter’s eternal throne shall always remain empty

doin yo mom doin doin yo mom


Somebody gotta take the throne, or else the space-time continuum will collapse.

To those in grief from crusader withdrawal, the church of bearaxe welcomes new worshipers if they wish to join.

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SILENCE ALL OF YOU. you dare disrespect my students work. the throne he sat on is closed. Have HONOR GODDAMIT. You only care about what he did…not what he stood for. you all are a dishonor to his legacy

this is now the cringe topic, post cringe here

ah a fellow clown. welcome

What the cinnamon toast apid stinging fuck. Anyway

To be honest, Crusader was nothing but a crusader. A harbinger of a belief denied to where he ventured. His throne was built upon the pillars of believing the jannies will tolerate him, which is a material less robust than your average detective. His mission was bound to be doomed, as he was sent with his master knowing such. Indeed did he sit on the throne, but the more he shitposted, the larger he grew upon it, and the more he grew, the weaker it became, until it crashed into the fiery hells below.

He had anger. just as I had. he is now in a time of repent. I was once a warlord like him. he carried my burden once I was casted into the flames by qwerty. He went to far and pissed off the big one…I…I.I should have been there with him. Together we had a chance at taking cross and the jannies out. he went to far he wasn’t strong enough. that ignorance killed him.

I must take my mantle as retard back up…I am ready…PLASE PLASE UNBAN HEM HE DAD NUTING WONG pLEAS ADMin ples unban last crusador he was me friend and was cool and fanny

I hate to break it to you but you’re the least funny of the shitposters


Crusader had a flair that was really nice to his shitposts

20 chars

Here comes based and redpilled atomic bemb

Traps are gay.
Furries to the sack, and sack goes to the lake.
You are not speshal snowflake
Your colored hair are warning sign.
HoS did nuffin wrong.
All black mans have right to run across station with naked butt.
Mime did 9/11
If you cant say n-word freely, your server is shit.
ERP, especially when you play as furry, is sign of degeneracy. You deserve to visit death platoon for that.