Bartender and curator report

In-game report:


Your Discord:poopoo

Offender’s CKEY:i am not sure of there keys

Offender’s In-Game Name:Valentine and Arc

Server (Sage or Acacia):sage

Date (2023-9-01):

Round Number:45643

Rules Broken: [2.2] and maybe [1.8]

Incident Description:so i was playing as a goats role assistant when i got to the station i went to the bar to sing and me and the bartender and curator had a altercation where i was shot and wiped by the both of them i had barley touched them a admin got involved and it was settled. But during the rest of the round mainly the bartender kept on shooting me even when i was not in the bar. when i came out of med because i had lost some blood from my repeated shootings/wippings. i was shot and wiped again after come out of med. later on the bartender pushed me around the bar shooting me when i was just sitting in a seat singing songs on the radio i had been taking requests from crew members. they chased em around pushing me with out saying any thing relay. then left the bar and they followed when i got to the kitchen i pushed them on the counter and walked away because i did not want to get in to a fight they then chucked a wrench at as i was walking and continued pushed me with the help of there friend. it kinda ruined the round for me since i just wanted to sing for the crew and it was a bit lrp.
Additional Information:
i get that when i was in my bar it was fair game but chasing me out of the bar and attacking me seemed a bit far aswell as waiting for me outside med and wiping/shooting me there. just to add i did not fight back other than pushing them even tho i had a laser gun that i had had since the abandoned station. in summery there was no real escalation and the use of the guns and the wip was just uneeded
i was also told to report it on here by the admin since they where getting off

@FreshMeatLover I’m on leave, but I should’ve probably mentioned that in my profile on forums just thinking

No was my bad lol. Apologies.

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