Barrelbox perma-ban for sharing funne library book


Admin’s CKEY:llol111

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Which server did the ban happen on? - mrp

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-06-19 14:34

Round ID: 17409

Ban Reason: Posted the “rawr x3” copy pasta in common. Due to our “zero tolerance policy” this is a perma ban. Sorry pal. Auth Ceacilius.

Appeal Reason: its quite an easy ban to avoid getting in the future, and i believe i can prove that if my access to the lrp server was restored.

Additional Information: I only had one other 5 day long ban previously, and that happened due to my lack of game mechanics knowledge. I understand that it might seem to be silly, but i didnt think that this specific copypasta would catch me a perma-ban, as i saw people pull off waaay more sexual things without any reprecussions. I now see that control over this subject got a lot more tight and i will avoid anything even remotely sexual in the future. I never had any intention to actually ERP, nor did i ever do it. I only posted one copypasta i found in the library, which will certainly not happen again (ijustwannaplayonagoodserverwithrunechatgoddamnit).

0 Tolerance means unappealable, but everyone agrees that unappealable permabans for reading books in our own library are dumb and so we just gotta wait for a headmin to pass the council ruling that’ll let us unban you.


oh well, guess ill have to wait. Thanks for the responce

Jeah, what Caecilius said.
Jumping straight to unapealable perma for stuff from our own library is silly.

But for now this is our policy.

bro its zero tolerance (unless your a regular)
back to paradise you go

i am a regular. Well, was a regular. Paradise sux.

you need like 900h+ to do that shit bruh
step up yo game

@Caecilius Have at it yo

I believe the precedent has already been set: Ksanavaari banned! by Moccha

Despite the post being set as Denied it looks like they were unbanned by Moccha afterwards. As I stated in that post: I think it’s unfair to ban someone for reading books that we have in our own library. If anything, the fault lies on us for not removing them.

Basically the same thing here. We should have removed the books months ago. It’s not his fault for thinking something we have on our own website is allowed to be broadcasted in-game.

tl;dr: it already hopped around da no tolerance policy

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While this isn’t directly my ban I had to auth it. I think it’s unfair to keep this now that we’re no longer obliged to keep it. The fact that we have to ban for this is imo rather stupid and needs fixed.

@llol111 please lift.

Yes. The Council has voted, and meme-y pastas like this are now …
still perma.

But now you can actualy appeal.

Un beaned.

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