Banned on a day i was offline

CKEY: dulcis

Admin’s CKEY: piterskiy

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: 2 day

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-11-14 12:45 (but the note says 2019-11-14 18:45:34 when ?noted by Bass on discord)

Round ID: 9076

Ban Reason: Banned from the server for 2 days - stole someone’s axe, then after that person starts chasing him he proceeds to slip and axe him to death.

Appeal Reason: I genuinely wasn’t online.

Additional Information: For some reason I was banned on a day where I haven’t been online all day. I am second guessing myself and getting pretty paranoid about it because I genuinely don’t remember situation like described above happening. I’m writing this appeal more to clear things up in my head and to know if it was a mistake or someone got on my byond account more than to get unbanned, since its only a 2day ban.
I’ve been in class 8-12:30 (gmt+1) then I went shopping with my gf and we went to her place and I literally have no idea when I could have been online that day. If I know the hour and GMT I can try to provide proof that I was offline by posting some pictures/text messages/ I may have took/sent In this timeframe.

So my questions are:

  1. which hour is the actual hour of the ban, and what GMT its in. (since im in GMT+1 and this matters)?
  2. is there any chance to check if and from what IP my ckey got connected?
  3. is it possible to check for any logs of more details around this situation. For example If i said anything on the radio or I kept silent?
  4. is it possible to check for any logs of me consulting an admin in this matter, responding to a bwoink?
  5. is it possible that it was a mix up and piterskiy banned a wrong person // it was for something ive done on the 13 nov or before that?

I’d be grateful to double check if that was really my ckey and for any responses to my questions. Cheers.

sup, banning admin here
this is player report that got you banned

you got banned for your actions in round 8690, which took place at [2019-11-03 10:32:51.692]
you can check my answer here, logs included

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Thanks a lot. If I want to adjust to that do I make a new appeal?

personally, i say that the ban stays, and i think other admins will say the same
also there’s no point in making a new appeal

i think there’s no point to keep this thread open, and your ban shouled expire soon