Banned from mining and cargo appeal (with pictures)

CKEY: Brother_Jeff

Admin’s CKEY: Aeder1

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: MRP

Which server did the ban happen on?: Both

Ban Type: cargo ban

Ban Length: three days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 9/14/2020

Round ID: 21302

Ban Reason: Led bubbles apparently by accident to the mining eva resulting in choas and miner death.

Appeal Reason:
i didn’t do it

Additional Information:
here’s the path i took when i was mining

here’s the path that bubblegum took

Bubbles got to mining through either intentionally leading it there, or through incompetence as a miner. He doesn’t just go ham and hello to EVA without some form of leading.

You should have your GPS up and active when you head out to avoid this sort of thing happening.

i’ve seen countless megafuana that wander infront of mining and obliterate the next miner that stumbles upon them

it’s rng that bubblegum went to the bigass open space infront of mining
i was on the station when bubblegum went there

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That sounds like another IC issue someone is getting banned by. Every now and then some dumbass agro BB or drake into the mining base, but shit happens. Most of the times its just a miner, bumping into them by accident, trying to outrun them and hide inside the base. God knows how many times i unleashed drunk miner by accident. Unbean this man.

apparently by accident

If this is your honest belief and bubbles never made it to the station, why is this even a ban? We don’t punish folks for an accident that happened to cause fatalities unless it was particularly careless.

Unless there’s reason to believe the intent was malicious, a miner shouldn’t be banned because bubbles killed other miners.

FTR: I carry and rename my GPS as a miner, but I don’t use it to track the megafauna unless I’m getting way into the round and feel like I’ve explored most of lavaland.

I’ve accidentally done way worse than this, and never had a issue cause it was a genuine accident. And this man accidentally leads bubblegum to mining and gets banned, what?

I don’t understand why this ever became anything more than an IC issue.

Is the part here.

Avoids this situation, I’ve only got I believe about 24 hours as a miner but I’ve never accidentally aggrod and dragged something to the station.

I say apparently as that is what OP states, and I am unable to confirm or deny this.
It’s either malicious and I can’t prove it.
Or negligent and I can’t prove it.

Just a strange coincidence as well that made them the only miner left to grab all the gamer loot.

Admins are supposed to assume innocent before guilty, no?

Also bubblegum roams randomly after losing aggro. It’s entirely plausible he didn’t even lead it as far as it seems.
I know rich can mine and have seen him do it many times. I doubt it’s negligent. And there’s no real proof that suggests it was malicious unless I’m missing something. Shit just happens sometimes.

mfw so good at mining megafuana existing gets me banned

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I wouldn’t call a failure to religiously check your GPS negligent of the safety of others. By that logic, the miners killed in the base were negligent for not seeing that it was just outside the base on their own GPS as well.

While you can never rule out maliciously luring it to the base, you also can’t prove it without being witness to the crime or receiving an admission and shouldn’t ban for it otherwise.

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Please make sure this post gets hidden, the amount of shitters ruling gumballs to the fucking mining base is gonna skyrocket, and they all will use your quotes as defence.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned - it’s that shitters gonna shit on folks whether we give them ammo or not.

I don’t really see that post as new information to shitters anyway.

Removing after receiving the above advice.

What about the new griefing method that NaurtoFan1153 posted on the forums where you inject the clown with 50u of Meth and aids that you scrape from bloody needles in maint. It turns them into a blob but loyal to the creator. Honestly I can’t believe Zesko speedmerged it but guess that’s coderbus.