Banned for putting someone out of their misery


**Admin’s CKEY:**lordgrievous

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
i think both?? i dont know
**Ban Type:**temp

**Ban Length:**2

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**Ban Date: 2019-12-13 23:53

**Round ID:**10213

**Ban Reason:**Killed a guy in crit to ‘end his misery’.

**Appeal Reason:**im new to the game and this is my second ban for attempted fun

**Additional Information:**person probably got thrown into crit by clown hulk

Ok so two things.

  1. Make sure you’ve read the rules. Finishing off someone in crit when you’re not the one who critted them isn’t cool, and the reason why is…

  2. The box that contains your emergency breath mask and oxygen tank has an epipen in it. This isn’t used on yourself, rather it’s to help stabilize someone in crit. Instead of ending his misery, you could have just injected them with epinephrine and taken them to medbay to let the professionals make spessman go vertical.

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You’re riding this one out. You have a previous 1 day ban for beating someone into crit for no reason, and apparently still have not read the rules.