Banned for executing hos, time for rule change?

I want to execute the hos as an assistant, I dont care what you say shut the fuck up if you lose to an assistant as hos you are getting executed and im taking your cape and opening aemory shit rules prevent this so we need to change this becaua I dont want to be baned just based and greypilled fuck [REDACTED]


Go find another server where this is allowed, I don’t think anyone here actually wants to turn bee into a deathmatch server.

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Gamers, rise up. Administrators, sit down.


Stop oppressing me because of the colour of my jumpsuit, I have the right to commit violent crime in self defemse the hos pointed at me, the red arrow violated my NAP so its justifidd to kill him.

Might is right stand down unbased admins :fist:t5:


Very based good post


they call me big gun mcfuckem i’ve got the big guns so get down and suck em now polish the barrel or I’ll be your peril and swallow the bullet or I’m gonna pull it

Extremely based.
Mega maintpilled

Yori I hate to be that guy but this is PROBABLY (keyword probably) a shitpost.

You’ll have to robust the HOS first; you’ve proven you’re incapable.

See, Tyranic? He could probably threaten this and actually do it.

Ye definitely can’t.

Me? Robusting anyone? Get outa here.

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​


Unbased secmain get out of this thread.

This secmain kicked your ass.

Do you have brain damage or are you just unable to comprehend the situation.

You arresting someone who doesnt resist arrest isnt “robust” or kicking ass.

You bolting someone in a room at roundstart isnt robust either.

You are just like the dude who claimed he was a robust sec player, while carrying 7 guns and losing 6 of them during a fight.

Honest question, is this an alt account for Chamoral or are you just naturally as big of a shitter as they were?

Now fuck off from my shitposting thread and go work on your aim or something monkey.

not robust

you’ve never beaten me or killed me

i carry two guns maximum and still kick your ass

I have never fought you, the most you could say is when I dodged your shots and tried to talk to you for a solid couple minutes.

And once again, arresting someone who isnt resisting or bolting them in roundstart isnt kicking someones ass, not sure if you knew this but doing basic security work to arrest civilians doesnt make you robust, thats just called doing your work at a minimum level.

A disabler holds 10 disabling shots; if I missed more than half, I wouldn’t be able to arrest you. Therefore, you cannot dodge shots.

Yeah, its still pathetic when you miss multiple shots on a nearly stationary target talking to you, standing on a jail cell sized space.

Fucking, my mans here boasting about arresting non-violent civilians and thinking basic security work is something special.

Once again, get the fuck out of my shitposting thread shitcurity.

No, I don’t think I will.