Banned for carp being a shitter


**Admin’s CKEY:**aeder1

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: sage (noone plays golden anyway lol)

**Ban Type:**server

**Ban Length:**3 days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2020-01-31 20:07

**Round ID:**12054

**Ban Reason:**Made a magicarp that changed people randomly, murdered a player who attacked the carp after being hcanged against their will. Auth beelix

**Appeal Reason:**Apparently me telling the carp 3 times not to shoot people at random and to only shoot people if they want a change is my fault instead of the carps for ignoring what its creator said and being a shitter. And the second bit is in reference to the carp shooting a player at random (after i told it not to). And him getting buttmad and instead of asking to be shoot again to eventually turn normal he kills the carp. The player at the time was a tomato anyway so it aint a murder since he was a mob.

**Additional Information:**you know, with my previous bans i could kinda understand where the admin was coming from. but this one just feels like the admin didn’t even look into the situation first and just banned me willy nilly.

Precedent is for Xenobiology ; your mobs your responsibility

I mean dude Beaned for being too proficient a scientist

Stop making xeno mobs if you can’t control what they do properly. Making a magicarp to turn someone into a simple mob to valid them is not okay, whether that was your original intention or not. Last time was a month.

MRP isn’t LRP and you’re supposed to act like someone on a real station. Making a sentient magickarp to transform those willing isn’t very MRP friendly.

Yes, there are LRP shitters on MRP but that isn’t an excuse to break MRP rules.

“Precedent is for Xenobiology ; your mobs your responsibility
so i guess next time im a xenomob i can just be a shitter and blame it on the creator because fuck accountability

“Stop making xeno mobs if you can’t control what they do properly. Making a magicarp to turn someone into a simple mob to valid them is not okay, whether that was your original intention or not. Last time was a month.”

thats like telling a roboticist to stop making borgs because they are deciding to not follow the laws that are given to them.

did you even read any of the two appeals. they have nothing to do with each other as far as what happened. i think you have a tendency to not read situations properly.

gonna pull this argument on me huh. because a wizard from the wizard federation coming to the station and doing basically what the carp is doing is so much more realistic in this 2d spess man game.

You are the accountable one here, you make simple mobs that wreak havoc on the station, which appears to be your forte.
Conflating robotocist and xenobiology creation is not accurate, due the unpredictable nature of simple mobs in general.
Hopefully the three days is enough time, this time, to realise making luh mayo gold mobs and loosing them on the station constantly is not really great, considering the amount of harm it keeps causing.

Wizard is disabled on MRP.

have you even read anything that i said. They HAVE to follow my command since i gave them sentience. not like i gave him a complicated or dumb task to do it was just dont “dont shoot people at random”. but no he can just ignore that and do as he wants and i have to take shit for it.

since the beginning?

Except the borgs are slaved to the AI, unless the roboticist specfically makes them unslaved borgs.

The precedent doesn’t say that xenomobs that don’t follow their creator’s orders don’t get banned from the role.

Both of these don’t matter at all since Wizard has been disabled from MRP for a couple of months now. The only reasons why dumbshit like transforming magickarp still exist in MRP is because taking it out of the code removes it from LRP too.

I feel like this is, to use a bit of an unorthodox analogy, like arresting the maker of a firearm because someone used a firearm to murderize an orphanage or something. I feel like the “your simplemobs your responsibility” shouldn’t take effect if you make the simplemob sentient as at that point if the sentient xenomob decides to be a shitter, why blame the xenobiologist for making something that under normal circumstances should be LOYAL to them and FOLLOW THEIR ORDERS, ESPECIALLY IF SAID XENOBIOLOGIST TOLD THE SENTIENT MOB TO NOT BE A SHITTER.

I would lower the ban personally, as the above IS true. But only lower it, due to the fact that you made a transform magickarp solely to transform those that are willing, on MRP.

okay since that is the case can i make the carp for myself only?

On MRP, I’d say you can make mobs and such, but you can’t use magickarps to transform yourself into some random mob, as that’s powergaming, which isn’t allowed on MRP. The only time you could use it for yourself would be if you were a traitor, and even then, you can’t murderbone.

I would like to chip in about the “transform magickarp solely to transform those that are willing, on MRP”

SS13 is a RESEARCH station, fully controlled by NT with less than stellar reputation. I would be of the opinion that an NT scientist would be ABSOLUTELY willing to experiment on humans if he found something, ANYTHING that can be weaponized and sold.

Take a random look at the doppler array. When you run a test the mixture contents are recorded and automatically sold to the highest bidder. Weak “source” I know but still.

This may need a separate discussion tho, as lore is not exactly solid in ss13.

wait before you said it was for role play reasons but now its powergaming. i dont think its powergaming
if you made the slime to make the mob and made the sentience potion yourself and everything. are miners powergaming for finding shit like cursed katanas and top tier hardsuits? are geneticists powergaming for finding hulk and shit and using that on themselves?

Roleplaying literally requires powergaming to not happen, you know, so people can roleplay.

This is a completely valid point. With only one exception. You’re at least a sane person who would experiment in a controlled environment, the way toxins has a designated place to blow up bombs.

The Karp was told to go out into the station and change whoever was willing.
Which isn’t so roleplay friendly.

I’m not saying you can’t use things your jobs give you, I’m saying you can get banned for how you use it.
That’s why engineers get banned for using their tools to break into the Captain’s office on MRP.

The same reason why geneticists get banned from their job if they gives themselves the hulk gene and use it to their advantage by starting fights or breaking down windows.

Good point, perhaps should have made it clear that I mean researching and experimenting in a proper test environment. I agree that releasing your new research at random is a no no. I mean I got bwoinked for being a shitter that released a clown virus and that was well deserved. Honk.

i didnt even tell the carp to go and change people to be fair. just told him dont shoot people at random and to only shoot if they want to instead.

That implies that you’re letting the Karp out of Xeniobio (controlled environment) to even have the chance to meet people who either want to be changed or not.