Banned by halris

Title: CKEY Banned by Admin CKEY


Admin’s CKEY:

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:

Ban Type:

Ban Length:

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 21/12/2022 23:05:45

Round ID:41877

Ban Reason: R1, you must roleplay. Was speaking out of character for the entire shift, and assaulted their direct superior for no real IC reasons. Your history combined with the severity of this incident just tells me that you just aren’t here to roleplay, and that you’ll continue to be a nuisance if I don’t take drastic measures. Appeal this ban in a year if you want to try roleplay in SS13. quoted reason

Appeal Reason: I apologise for the LRP talk there isn’t too much excuse for that other than trying to get my point across to the RD who decided to try and laser me to death for rearranging pipes and doing toxins, in a way they did not like in this regard I feel that her reaction was over the top for a Head Of Staff and even if I am not unbanned I would like action taken against her for clearly forgoing her duties and abusing her access to lethal weapons. I do believe that I was acting within IC self defence clauses when I attacked her back I did only hit her a few times while running from her. The point that I “stole” her gun may be brought up, May I Reiterate What I Believe I Made clear in the tickets, she dropped the gun when it was empty, I took it from her so she wouldn’t have a chance to shoot me again (PTSD’s recharge by themselves). if you would like me to clarify on anything else, please just ask I believe that is all that I remember, I am human I do make mistakes so please just ask.

Additional Information: To clarify, believe all the past bans and restrictions were fair, I’m not contesting past bans I’m merely clarifying this one, with the hope of being unbanned.

As your ban reason states, you can only appeal this once a year from the date of the ban being applied has passed.

Banning admins are allowed to change their minds and unban you

At the end of the day we can of course do whatever. But no, thats not how thats supposed to be done.

From Admin policy & conduct:

  • Permanent until a vouch - Issued due to continued poor behavior, extreme griefing, ban-evasion or otherwise as a direct result of player actions. Unless the ban is found to be outrageously unwarranted by staff, these bans will require a 1 year waiting period and a vouch for good behavior from another server before the ban will be lifted. Only head admins may handle appeals involving “permanent until appeal with vouch” bans, and they are not subject to individual admin discretion to be lifted early.

also didnt fill out 90% of the form at all.

See you on 21/12/2023