Banned by bloons3, no warning, bad reason

My name: panical

Admins name: bloons3

The ban is for both servers.

The ban happened on sage, I don’t play golden


7 Days

Was banned on 07/07/2020

Round ID 18211

Banned for “being a shitter borg and trying to screw over another player”

I did not try to screw over another player, I was emagged and told to do so.

First of all, my friend got banned the same day, by the same person, and Bloons3 says in the ban my friend ignored him. No he didn’t. He never got a message from admin.

Secondly, I was emagged and told to kill 2 people. Another admin messaged me and said “Why did you kill them?” and I said “I was emagged, and told to” and he said something along the lines of"Confirmed that, have a nice day".

Bloons3 is absolutely horrible, banned me without warning, never asked me anything, plus, another admin already messaged me and said I was good to go. And I thought beestation didn’t have shitty admins.

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You were a borg slaved to a malf AI.

Emagging a malf-borg does not change their allegiance.

You then outed the AI over comms.


Oh, we are talking about that round then. Ok, my laws said to obey the orders of AI, I got no order to keep it secret. No law said to keep it secret.

He didn’t specifically say to avoid telling others so you yelled “ai malf” over coms?

I said “AI exploded warden and 3 other people”

Not only is the AI on your team, they are your boss. The AI that round specifically noted that you were refusing to follow their orders, AND that you had outed them as being malfunctioning over comms.

Fine, I’ll enjoy my 7 days