Banned but not me?

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]

Admin’s CKEY:
**Ban Type:
**Ban Length:
**Ban Date
Round ID:
**Ban Reason:
Ban Evansion
Appeal Reason:
I haven’t played this game for a good long while and just came back to find that i was banned in October. I have not played in October on Beestation and believe that some sort of mistake has happened. I have some photos I grabbed using the snipping tool to show and am willing to talk about it. If you would like to talk about it further and see the photos or screenshare if needed, please use my discord: Peknic #7180
Thank you again for your time.

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Sure what info do you need?

apologies, misread the line brakes. Well ban evasion is for multiple accounts. do you have any other CKeys you’ve used in the past?

Nope never used any other accounts. The one thats banned is named Thatguythere03 i looked into it and saw other reports

I know you got no real reason to believe me but i want to get this fixed

Do you happen to use any VPN of any kind or such?

Nope dont use A VPN

Might want to edit the post to replace “CKEY: Cph” with “CKEY: thatguythere03” for clarity.

Alright fair enough didnt know which one to use

Hm, sorry, are you thatguythere03 or are you Cph? As in, what is your byond username?

My byond username is Cph. The one that it says got the ban is thatguythere03

I got a screenshot if that helps at all

Got it, so you likely got falsely flagged then, this is a rare issue that can pop up. Just need to wait for an admin to swing by and help. A screenshot could also be very helpful.

EDIT: Screenshots here

Sure i tried to post it here but it wouldnt let me any chance i can send it to you on discord i linked my discord above

You probably just tripped some automated thing, it’s not that uncommon

Wouldnt know thats just what i saw when i tried to join

To confirm, you for sure don’t use a VPN, VM, or anything like that? Is your copy of windows properly registered?

Yeah i dont use a VPN at all and my windows if fine as far as i know