Ban is over but still banned?

Not sure whether or not this goes into ban appeal or somewhere else, but my ban was set to be over at 2019-11-18 14:41, which as you can tell has passed and I am still banned since I’ve attempted to go onto the server and still receive the ban message which again states that the time for the ban set to be expired was 2019-11-18 at 2:41 pm, I know this server is in Europe so the time should have passed by now even if it was German or Danish time, unless the ban was extended without it being changed on the ban area or if the server time is different to a European time zone, if you need evidence then you can check my ban on the second page of the bans list (and yes I know I got banned cuz I was quite acoustic and no I don’t believe my ban was unfair or wish to appeal it)

Talk to an admeme bout this. Discord is a good place to do so.

I’ll try but I gotta dig up my discord account since I haven’t used it for a few months

Also over where I am it’s 1:30 PM so time shit is weird

yeah that’s what I was thinking but I thought it would be weird for a European server to use American time zones

Here I’ll ask the discord

though i’m not entirely sure if this is a european server but I gotta go eat so i’ll be back in a half hour or so

Ok so if you get this I’m am getting people saying it’s in Europe but someone said California. So I assume it’s in Europe. What time zone still I don’t know

yeah im on the discord now I’m fat screw but it confuses me further if its in Europe as a server but on California time which currently is about 8 hours behind my time zone so it will be around 3 hours and 10 minutes before my ban is over which would be 2:45 pm

No one on the godamm discord can give a straight fucking answer I’ve had 4-5 different timezones suggested as the server one

Actually, I just checked

Your ban is over at the server’s 20:41:31 PM

Aka tonight-ish.

Ye hooo im back baby!

this thread is over I believe then but the mystery still remains in what time zone the server is in as I ive gotten 7 different time zones suggested on the discord

In trying to help you it led to confusion and suffering my bad

its fine the question does need to be answered because It is honestly a mystery according to discord