Ban appeal shangeko

CKEY: shangeko

Admin’s CKEY: whyiscaeciliustaken

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:bee station golden low rp

Ban Type: server

**Ban Length:**31 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-12-15 12:04 / 2020-01-19 12:04

Round ID: 10264

Ban Reason: Killed two people for breaking into cargo and shoving him. Brought them to the cremator afterwards. Lied in ahelps repeatedly and didn’t seem to understand why shoving is not an indication of being an antag. Take a nice long break as you’ve done similarly dumb stuff before. Authed by AsciiSquid.

Appeal Reason: first of all i wasn’t the only one hitting them all of cargo was attacking those people because they broke into cargo and started attacking people which is an antag kinda thing to do. after everyone beat them down i took the bodies and looted them to see if they had anything which i did in chaplains office then i left them in medical furthermore i never lied in ahelps and i would love to see the “lies” i said.i literally did nothing wrong. in the end they got revived and its not like i was the only one beating them there fault for being retards and attacking cargo and me also it wasn’t just a shove one of them hit me and got fucked by the miners that came over that’s why i didn’t take more damage.

Ok, first thing, they never attacked anyone. At all. They only shoved you. Once. You beat them to death. I saw you try to take them to the cremator.

Second this round is still in progress.

explain why then the other people were beating them because then they are guilty for murder as much as i am and then who banned me if it is not you because instead of jumping to conclusions you should have waited because all i did was take there stuff off and then i left them to revive

also when did i ever lie in ahelps id like some proof

ill wait for your reply

Is this the cult round on LRP that just finished? If it is, I was one of the cargo techs that helped beat these 3 chaplains. 3 people showed up to cargo, couldnt get in, and started breaking the windows. I asked them to stop, and they continued, and forced their way into the main lobby. There, they started attacking us, and a fight broke out between 3 techs and a miner vs the 3 chaps. We won, after a bit of a scuffle, and I tried to get everyone to stop once they all were in crit. CMO came and took their bodies, if I recall correctly.

yh it is dude you are talking about the same dickheads that i got banned for

i was also in the fight because they hit me and i saw them causing trouble i took them to chaplains area to loot and see what they had then i left them in medical i think they got healed and revived so in the end i literally did nothing wrong and these admins just made some shit up e.g i lied apparently and they made it seem like i was the only one beating them which they fully deserved and its not like they died forever i literally brought them to medical and then shortly after i got the ban

do you know anyone else who also beat those grey tiders because im so confused why i got the ban
1)i wasnt the only one killing them
2) broke in/ vandilism/ hit me and shoved me/ caused chaos and there for got attacked by multiple people (3-4)
3) i brought them to medical after stripping them to see if there antags and for antag items
4) i never lied in ahelps if you got proof of that i would love to see it

One of the three you killed. I never hit anybody yet was the first killed. After CMO came to collect us, this guy convinced him we’re antags and wanted to cremate us.

I dont see why WHERE they were searched matters, tbh, if they werent ACTUALLY cremated it bears no relevance to this ban. They WERE seemingly full killed by the others, but subsequently healed afterwards

i never said or wanted to cremate you idiots

Tbh three people broke into a workplace, dressed in all the same clothing, and at least one of them got aggressive and started a fight. I have no clue whether or not you hit or shoved anyone, but you guys DID chaplain gang it up at cargo

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if i did i would have done it ages ago but i wanted to check your shit and become the new chaplain

We were looking for people to recruit, we didn’t really get too upset at being murdered, we ahelped when we were being dragged to cremator tho.

Shangeko, you’re the IPC right?

yes i am i only dragged you there to loot you guys and save the stuff for later and i dropped you body in medical i see this as a huge misunderstanding and that the admins were over exaggerating what happened there

You kept convincing them that we were antags and that the chaplain had a black double e-sword or something that kills in 3 hits.

You dragged two dead bodies that you helped kill, to crematorium room, to steal the items of one of the bodies, keeping us out for a very extended period of the round, of about 18 minutes (from being killed to cloned), for breaking and entering.

i wanted them to bugger off i did lie there a bit to the medical guys and if you didnt want to have your time wasted you shouldnt have started A huge fucking war in cargo you dumbasses you broke shit and attacked people i took you to medical in the end and had you revived but for the price of attacking me and the other people you had some of your shit taken which i would have given to sec in the end it is fully your fault for starting a war also it wasnt 18 mins it was more like 3 plus the 5 to get revived and dragged around. you were killed not for breaking and entering but for also starting to attack people
i never talked about cremation at all if i wanted to cremate you as i said i would have stuck you in there when i got there instead of just looting you

no because those two idiots were being annoying and i had to search you and loot you because i wanted chaplains shit you did start a fight shark-sie"and forced their way into the main lobby. there, they started attacking us, and a fight broke out" also i can say for a sure fact before you idiots were put down as a bystander you hit me and shoved me then got reckt by 3 other dudes ive ran outa replies thats why i gatta edit this shit so yh you did start a war infact convincing those idiots you were traitors to get em of my back so i could take a few things ill take shit for that but in the end YOU started a war YOU hit and shoved me YOU killed yourself and no i didnt even mention cremation

one of you attacked me and again i wasnt the only one hitting you the main damage was done by the other 3 or 4 people hitting you one of your group hit me with some weapon furthermore i was ganna become the new chaplain so i wanted all of chaps shit in my new office as i was taking over thats why i did it there then again crematorium or atmos or science it doesnt matter where i put your shit as long as i didnt cremate you which i didnt so it makes no sense to bring it up constantly becuase as i said already i would have cremated you bunch of hooligans so long ago i ended up putting your bodies in medical and the only bad thing i did was loot you guys. you got killed as shark sie stated was for attacking and breaking story holds up just fine

Except we didn’t start a war.
And I told you, we didn’t attack people. It was some autistic miner with a plasma cutter (No joke, he used it’s ranged ability on a non-ling) and PKC (Which fucked me), some cargo tech that started the initial fight for being thrown to have his access used (Fair enough, but killing… eh…), you and some other guy I don’t give a shit about. We didn’t mind being killed and then revived, but you did a lot of shit, also, didn’t you talk about cremation?

convincing three people that these three guys are traitors
And yeah, it was much longer than 8 minutes.

So, yeah. We were killed for breaking and entering.

Let the admins pull up the logs, the only thing they’ll find me hitting is throwing a person at a door to open it, if that even does damage.

And again, shoving doesn’t mean you can kill bud. If you wanted to loot us, why drag us to a crematorium? Your story doesn’t really hold up.