Ban appeal raphael_2033 metagrudge


**Admin’s CKEY:**whycaeciliustaken

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:all

**Which server did the ban happen on?:lrp

**Ban Type:**job ban

**Ban Length:**permanent

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2020-08-14

**Round ID:**19863

**Ban Reason:**Used ghost knowledge to come back as a posibrain and get people to activate a maxcap

**Appeal Reason:**the incident hapened due me being said such information, i was thinking the bomb would be smaller and a lie, as also i was per pressured to do such thing, so i made a promise that i would put such code, i am very sorry i wont make that mistake again i hope this appeal help me not dig a depper hole like the others i make.i have done a big mistake for using that information i hope this wont happen again i am sorry for such event i hope the ban from perma turn in one with at least and hope in one month ban

**Additional Information:**i did not knew the maxcap were in rd but i was think it was near ai sat but it would not destroy any thing essential or the ai it self but the ghost who told me such thing made a good and useful maxcap

I’m having a stroke reading this



what is wrong with it?

Your grammatical and punctuation errors- hurt. I don’t understand what your saying to give an opinion

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Are you saying that you thought it would be okay to explode the maxcap because you thought it would’ve been smaller?

the thing is that i was thinking it was in ai sat foyer and it was in the halls and that the maxcap would be on maxcap a 3x3

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What the hell am I reading?

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do i look like a fucking american? I AM FUCKING BRAZILLIAN MY INGLISH IS FUCKING BROKE


Okay okay, sorry chief.

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You seem to miss the point of the ban being for metagrudging entirely.

You weren’t banned because of the size or location of the explosion. You were banned because you used ghost knowledge to attempt to attack another player.

Even if the bomb had been at the AI satellite like you were told, you would still be banned

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