Ban Appeal please tell me what i did wrong

Title: V3rBss banned by Haliris

Name :V3rBss

Admin : Haliris

Ban Type : Permabanned

Ban Date : 2022/12/09

Round ID : 41712

Ban Reason : Griefer , suspected ban evader . New account , silently shoving and fighting people randomly .

Appeal Reason : i dont know what i did wrong

Additional Information: Hello . I dont get why i got banned . I was a mime and i thought my job is it to be hyper active throw things and just be happy . I dont know why im a ban evader because this is the first time i play on this server and i never played on that before i swear that ! Silently shoving isnt allowed as mime??? I got shoved around all the time before and no one cares me either .I do not hurt anyone and i just did my job . Last round an mime destroyed my whole station and the Master chef said ‘‘Thats what the mime have to do’’ I got attacked by mime and everyone said thats okay so i thought its okay . The funniest is i did not punsh someone. So please tell me what im doing wrong and please let me play on your server .

28th of october? Didnt this happen today?

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ups xd yeah it happend today . Im sorry

The round ID is wrong too

That was the ban id xd i changed it

hopefully the admin sees this appeal ^^

give it some time my friend, the staff are busy bees

Okay ^^ no problem i respect the time of everyone of you !

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I really respect your work , but i think my appeal got forgotten xd

Not forgotten bro, They gonna get to it asap, just remember it’s holiday season and they’re people too!


Okay good ^^ Just wanted to know

I’ll go over this tomorrow, or tonight.

Okay thank you take your time bro

Not to peanut but the mime’s job is to entertain the crew, I personally like to try and set up fake murder mysteries with spraycan decals. Never works but I try.

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I shoved them around and i threw some stuff around . I did some invisible walls but thats it xd im sorry for that mistake . And i never had a ban on this server so i dont know why im a ban evader xd

Okay thats nice ^^

i guess i can forget to play on your server before christmas xd . Still Happy Xmas if you see that <3

Marry Xmas Admins/Mods/Supps !

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Life happened. I reviewed your logs and you didn’t just “shove players”, you assaulted players, and just acted like a griefer, never emoting anything. Mimes are entertainers, not legal griefers. The mime has leeway to help them pull off some pranks and jokes, not piss off players for the sake of lulz.

You got caught with other griefers I was banning that round.

Why do you want to play on Beestation?