Ban appeal Nova254

**CKEY: Nova254

**Admin’s CKEY: bastian0930

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: im banned from both, but i only play on gold

Ban Type: server

**Ban Length: 14 days for game

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

Round ID: 8848

Ban Reason: Attacking chemist

Appeal Reason: that was my first game as detective and i got someone arrested for having cyanide and a strong case for murder

Additional Information: i was helped by a security guard in taking the chemist down, although i can see my actions were not justified and i regret them deeply i love playing on beestation with my two friends hundsun and zilbo

Your ban reason is Banned from the server for 2 weeks - When asked why he was beating a innocent chemist down, responded with “fucker had it commming” Appeal on Possibly a griefer, which is why this ban is so long. You also have a 2 month sec ban, that’s the long portion. Can other admins give input?

i am not a griefer i just did something i regret

When your response to beating someone to death is “fucker had it comming”, it’s usually a sign that you’re a griefer. Aside from that, did you have any proof this person murdered someone? Having a “strong case” for a murder doesn’t make a person valid. As far as I know, having cyanide doesn’t make you valid either, arrestable, but not valid. From what I can tell on the surface is you arrested someone then beat them to death which is against the rules.

i did a dna test and found that that whoever held the spear was wearing a chemist labcoat and insulated gloves there were only two other chemist both did not have self insulated gloves.
p.s i knew i was in trouble when you messaged me so i decided to make a joke