Ban Appeal Nildo1

CKEY: Nildo1:

ADMINCKEY: rukofamicom:

Servers: Both:

Ban type: Metagrudging:

Ban length: 2 days:

Date of ban: 2020-04-05:

Round ID: 14269:

Ban reason: For metagrudging:

Appeal reason: I was punished too harshly or should have received a warning:

**Additional information: I was going into R&D to get some parts to set up my meth lab when someone told me to “get the fuck out”. I didn’t like the way he spoke so rudely to me right off the bat, but I complied anyway for only him to start chasing me even out of the room and stab both off my eyes until I was blind. If it were not for a guy I semi know to fix my eyes I would have been blind the entire round the first 20 minutes in. I wanted revenge, but got flashed by a teammate of his and got borged by the roboticist who I asked if I could kill the guy and he agreed. I then found him and killed him and while I was doing that he turned out to be a changeling anyway. Him being a traitor does not allow him to blind me, only if he absorbs me afterwards he can do that. I agree that meta grudging is a bad thing and I understand that this rule is in place so that the game doesn’t fall into chaos, but by blinding and leaving me he was just being an asshole and a rude one at that and so me killing him was not the right, but understandable and deserving punishment for him and it’s not like I killed him just because he killed me, he was being an ass. I won’t do it again and I have never done anything like this before on any server as these are the only 2 servers I ever play on. I’d rather have a warning, but if I can’t get that then I’d want to get my ban reduced to one day since 2 days seems a bit too excessive for a first time.

Metagrudging because of something done in the same round is not metagrudging. It means targeting the player and not the character, bringing over issues from past rounds or interactions into the current one.

Well wait for Ruko’s side tho first.

[2020-04-05 08:40:20.804] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Nildo1/(Clown Cyborg-183)->RukoFamicom/(Friendly Slime): So it’s fair that if he breaks the rules that I get to do it to him
[2020-04-05 08:40:20.987] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: RukoFamicom/(Friendly Slime)->Nildo1/(Clown Cyborg-183): You don’t get to break the rules because you thiink someone else did. They were handled by an admin already

Nildo was killed in his previous life by a player
Nildo became an asimov borg
Nildo the asimov borg decided to attack the human player that had killed him previously.

Still, a 2 day ban is far too excessive and only warnings are usually given out for such a minor thing. It even happened in the same round and according to Kasual it doesn’t even count as metagrudging :<

Did the previous comment ping you?

Edit: It didn’t

Sorry, I did not realize a new life happened. I should have specified if you are killed and become a new character you should not bring anything from past life in.

If you are borged, you should absolutely not break laws to get revenge. If you were somehow freed from laws I’d be fine with it. I’ll look a bit closer in a little bit.

I misunderstood what it meant for not being bound by AI. It said that I was not bound by AI and wasn’t needed to follow them under the 3 Asimov rules. Since I saw that under the 3 rules I thought “them” referred to the rules, not the AI.

So is my ban getting decreased or removed? And if not then why?

He is sleeping atm. He passed off power to act on this in his absence. I’m going to change it to a week Silicon ban since that is really what it is breaking.