Ban appeal midijamz

CKEY: Cheeks Gaywood

Admin’s CKEY: Midijams

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:

Ban Type: medium role play

Ban Length: forever

*Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020 2 11

Round ID:

**Ban Reason:**cheeksgaywood
Permanent MRP ban. Constant greytiding, stealing items from crew as nonantag. Has been an ongoing issue. Does not see their behavior as an issue. This is an MRP server.

Appeal Reason: ok i believe i deserve an unban because i do not break rules anymore and i will roleplay now and i will no longer steal ids from people
Additional Information:

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It’s been almost two months. I’d be interested in seeing him given a second chance, depending on what his LRP history looks like. This is just an MRP ban, no? Withdrawing this based on unearthed information.

yes it is only mrp ban

Do you play on LRP (Golden) at all? I might have seen you around.

Non-antag assistant on golden stole HOS unique items, was disabled by HOP, used lethals to kill HOP. When bwoinked agreed it was self-antag was clear it was intended. Combined with recent notes, global server ban Auth Azlanon

Type: Server Ban Date: 2020-02-23 01:12 Expire Date: 2020-03-23 01:12 Round: 12793 Server: All Admin: kasual

This happened less than two weeks after the inital MRP ban.

You then appealed a ban on TG and lied in their appeals

Not my choice here but in my opinion you should stay banned from MRP.


Well, as ro5490 said, it obviously looks like you didn’t learn from anything seeing as you got banned from more places after that.

i wasnt banned after that, it was just an appeal that got denied

Doesn’t change the fact that you’re prone to lying in appeals, /shrug

Doesn’t change the fact that you’re prone to lying in appeals

Throwing mine into this too.

Isn’t this what, the third time you’ve been permanently banned from sage? People change, but you clearly have not yet done so.

Ah since it is technically my ban as a trial with Az authing it falls to us. Lying in appeals from 2 months ago and the above opinions means I’ll be denying it.

Hopefully you have changed and find a server that can welcome you.