Ban Appeal Grudgingcancer


Admin’s CKEY:Bastian0930

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:Both servers.

Ban Type:Permanent

Ban Length:Infinite

Ban Date (9/22/2019):

Round ID:7304

Ban Reason:"ERP in common"

Appeal Reason:It’s been almost a year and I now completely understand that I went too far with the ERP joke and to an outsider, it may have appeared as actual genuine ERP.

Additional Information:After this ban I took a long break from SS13 all together which is why I’m only now making this Ban Appeal. Over these months I have changed a lot as a person and feel that I am altogether more mature and completely understand why this joke was NOT funny and why I should have stopped it much earlier. I wholeheartedly promise that nothing like this will happen again if this ban is appealed. I understand where you are coming from if you feel like I shouldn’t be allowed back into the community but I really hope you consider it.(Also I had an older forum account that also used my CKEY but i forgot the password.)

EDIT:(From what I’ve heard Bastian0930 is currently inactive if any other admins see this could they consider unbanning me instead?)

I’ll accept this. Of course, I gotta get on and do it. I can’t right now, but maybe tomorrow.


Sorry if i’m bugging you but it’s currently 10:28 AM for me.
I understand you might live in a different country other than america but
I just wanna remind you to get around to unbanning me,
Thanks again and sorry if i’m bugging you.

This has been resolved and can now be locked.