Ban Appeal GreyDiamond

CKEY: greydiamond

Admin’s CKEY: whyiscaeciliustaken

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Idk

Ban Type: Job (AI, Cyborg; pAI)

Ban Length: 2020-01-16 15:00

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-01-11 15:00

Round ID: 11340

Ban Reason: “Killed a changeling with an armblade when onehumaned to changelings.”

Appeal Reason: I was playing the AI, a person change my 4th law to “4. Only lings are human” (or something about these lines). I cloud not know that he was a Ling, because he didn’t define what a Ling was, so (using the laws) I was allowed to kill him. Because the laws states “1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.”. Then he defined human with another unknow term (Ling). So the AI had to use its observations to know what a ling was. These observations showed that he wasn’t a ling, so…

Additional Information: This will probably take longer then my ban.

This is technically correct. I’m sure being a newer admin he hasnt had much experience going through hoops for AI laws. “Lings” are not necessarily nor technically Changelings, so depending on the specificity the law is useless until further defined by someone ELSE who is HUMAN. A changeling with an armblade out doesnt fit that bill, as asimov previously defined before the change.

TLDR ANTAG DUMB. ADMIN DUMB. EVERYONE BAD. Ai was acting within its rights, of course, again

TBH, this is a failure to properly one-human the AI.
AI can’t be blamed for murdering when no-human’d.

Another case of silicon cucks blatantly breaking rules

lings are a derogotary form of changelings
Holy shit that’s like saying kneega isn’t a shorter form of kneeger

The point is that interpretation is up to the discretion of the AI. The antag should know this and word their laws very, very carefully. A human could rename themselves to Lings and be the only human on station for example.

Yes my name is Albert “Human” Being and yes the AI serves me

Asimov states human being. This case only works because they redefined humanity. Nice try though

This argument would only work if you don’t show yourself to be capable of identifying “lings” and using the term yourself. You must pick an interpretation and stick to it.

You can’t go around showing that you know what a “ling” is and how to identify one, then suddenly change your mind and say “I don’t know what they are anymore” just so you can kill someone.

He knows what a changeling is, identified by the arm blade. Can you provide proof of where he does something harmful to a “ling”, knowing full well what a “ling” is?

IIRC he was talking about ling hunting in binary chat. I’ll pull the logs and check.

Edit: He didn’t talk about lings before, but at the same time did not ask what they were beforehand when it was talked about on common, which would suggest understanding. I’m not really sure what to do here so I will consult with the others on this.

The important thing with silicon policy is that when you get new laws, you pick a single interpretation and stick to it.

Seems to me like he did exactly what I would. “Dont know what a ling is so I’m gonna follow laws 1 2 and 3 like silicon policy tells me to until I have a reason to consider law 4” law 4 never became applicable because he acted on the information as “Changeling” and ling had no significance

ais dont know what lings are even though they start with knowledge of all antags
The mental gymnastics of siliconcucks

I think the argument would be the laws were for him to consider only “ling(s)” human, then when he instructed the borgs to kill the “lings” that would’ve gone against.

As an AI with human level intelligence, they should be able to understand abreiviations in my opinion

I absolutely hate AIs that do stuff like trying to make sure that everything in their laws are exact. As forgotpassword stated

This really just sounds like you being a cuck so you can hurt the big bad meanie ling that changed your laws and therefor your feelings.

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Based on admin consensus, this is denied. Sorry.