Ban appeal from Dunkelbunt for "griefing" (I did not)

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Global Ban
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
griefer. injecting people with mutations they didnt want
Appeal Reason:
First of: I asked the person before I started working on him and after I injected him the risky gene, he was furios, but only after he left… he thanked me and left genetics and came back with and admin afterwards, like wtf I tried to help this clown…
Additional Information:
Im still sorry that I am “causing” so much trouble, by just playing the game and helping those who ask for it…

What Gene exactly did you inject? Also tell if you used it in an advanced injector or normal

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I used an advanced ejector with the swedish mutation and another gene, but I dont know what itt was anmore…

also, I didnt know that when a subject is in the chamber and you edit the genes, your automatically APPLYING them to the subject… so sorry I guess?

Advanced injectors dont show what genes you are getting injected with, dont do that again use normal mutation injectors so people can cancel you injecting them at least.

At first I didn’t know it auto applied too, goonstation doesn’t auto apply iirc.


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ok, so would you please unban me
:sweat_smile: :grinning:

Bruh do i look like an admin? I just pinged wueue, you will get unbanned or not eventually

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ok i did not know, i hope he does

@Doktorwueue would you please answer

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2 days passed, people wait a month sometimes

Wue is on leave currently so I’ll handle this sometime soon™

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You claim that you were helping the clown because they ‘asked for it’, yet you’re the one who approached them. They also didn’t seem too pleased about you injecting them with Acid Flesh and Epilepsy considering they ran away after that. Neither of those were done inside the mutation chamber, you manually injected them. The clown agreed to come with you for a ‘special ability’ that you offered, not harmful mutations.

You’re also permanently banned off Fulpstation for griefing. And while bans from other servers don’t hold nearly as much weight it’s still not a great look.
Edit: Seemingly also banned off Yog as well.

ATTACK: Dunkelbunt/(Ruben Cypret) injected Dog132/(Snappy) with the Epilepsy mutator(/datum/mutation/human/epilepsy) (Cryogenic Storage (164, 80, 2))

ATTACK: Dunkelbunt/(Ruben Cypret) has injected Dog132/(Snappy) with Acidic Flesh mutator (NEWHP: 91.9) (Cryogenic Storage (164, 80, 2))

SAY: Dog132/(Snappy) “OH NO” (Cryogenic Storage (164, 81, 2))
SAY: Dog132/(Snappy) “BAD” (Cryogenic Storage (164, 82, 2))
SAY: Dunkelbunt/(Ruben Cypret) “two more” (Cryogenic Storage (164, 80, 2))
SAY: Dog132/(Snappy) “acid flesh!” (Cryogenic Storage (164, 81, 2))
SAY: Dog132/(Snappy) “not good!” (Cryogenic Storage (164, 81, 2))
SAY: Dog132/(Snappy) “bad!” (Cryogenic Storage (163, 81, 2))
SAY: Dog132/(Snappy) “bye!” (Medbay Central (169, 85, 2))
SAY: Dunkelbunt/(Ruben Cypret) “GET BACK” (Cloning Lab (166, 84, 2))
ATTACK: Dog132/(Snappy) has threw and hit Dunkelbunt/(Ruben Cypret) with the banana cream pie (NEWHP: 100) (Medbay Central (161, 99, 2))


im sorry, but I didnt run away,I just wanted to go to the HoP to explain myself, but on my way there I got arrested, and as I said I DID NOT KNOW THAT IF YOU MODIFY GENETICS, they get instantly applied…

Im really sorry for that and I did not expect that outcome…

I thought the clown was messin with me

After speaking with a couple of other admins I’ve decided to accept this appeal.
I would recommend you take the time to read our Rules and try to be more careful in the future. Stuff like this doesn’t tend to be all that enjoyable for the other people involved.