Ban Appeal for TeutonicRoom


teutonicroom banned by bloons3

teutonic room


ban type: game ban

ban length: 14 days

ban date: 2020-16-9

round: 21401

ban reason: shit security, mutiny as sec

appeal reason: I was rping, and what I did was in the heat of a riot

I was playing on Bee Station Sage. I was playing sec and watching science. As I was going in a opened a locker to grab a gas mask because they look awesome. The roboticist asked me what I was doing and dragged me from science, I told him wait after (so I could tell him to not grab sec), he ran, continued to evade me, I finally tracked him to robotics and tried to grab him, he pushed me, I grab my baton (forgot to put on stun like an idiot), and struck him a couple of times (that was not intentional), Sec and I had a back and forth and they sided with the Roboticist. I was back at sec when a riot formed outside, people were coming in and out, pushing us down, grabbing our stuff, attacking us, or throwing it down the disposal, we mutinied the HOS for incompetency and the head of sec stood up for him, we mutinied him as well, then more people broke in and neither of them did anything (as they had done before) and told us not to do anything. I was beating head of sec with a baton and intended on killing him as part of a mutiny. I would like my case reviewed so I don’t have to stay on ban for 14 days.

we don’t want a page from your diary bruh too long didn’t read

revised it so you could get the logistics


20202020sdaddsad Done

As in a ban appealed or as in you’ve read it?

Have you tried logging in?

no im on yogstation rn

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