Ban appeal for Staveol by hollandaise#2


Admin’s CKEY: @hollandaise

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? MRP Sage

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Perma

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2021-01-29 17:19

Round ID: 26563

**Ban Reason:**Took a golem shell and proceeded to attack people, other sentient mobs and xenobio pylons randomly, then did a bunch of extrememly obnoxious OOC in IC before getting restrained, ghosting, and then taking another golem to continue (this cycle continued for a while), also refered to his past lives. Perma because you left during the ticket

Appeal Reason: so, its been a long time i haven’t touched ss13 due to me believing this isn’t my type of game whatsoever because of the difficulty i had following the initials of the game in any server. but as time went by i started thinking what if i followed the rules and played the game as it was intended? perhaps it could’ve been alot more fun if i had done that!

i may not have a vouch from another server but its been 2-3 months i haven’t played this game and i would really like to give this server another try as my choices for servers are really thin due to my old behavior.

and so forth i do not have much to defend against myself as i don’t remember much of the reasonings behind some of my actions, but i will cite which rule i’ve broken and explain why it was wrong of me to do so in order to prove to you all that even a shitty ass player like me can change and will strive to become a good player. (and get a vouch from here eventually :p)

issue 1: i’ve said some obnoxious stuff in IC as a golem
SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “stop being such a cry baby” (Brig (116, 165, 2))
SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “fucking 12 year old” (Brig (112, 165, 2))
SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “cry to your momma you obese tard” (Brig (102, 165, 2))

SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “if you’re gonna fuck with me i’m ghosting” (Prison Wing (102, 185, 2))

SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “can i kill people now?” (Prison Wing (102, 185, 2))
SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “without getting banned of course” (Prison Wing (102, 185, 2))

SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “i already got banned from fulpstation and paradise” (Prison Wing (102, 185, 2))
SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “perma” (Prison Wing (102, 185, 2))

SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “if im banned from here” (Prison Wing (102, 185, 2))
SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “game over” (Prison Wing (102, 185, 2))
SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “uninstall ss13” (Prison Wing (102, 185, 2))
SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “crap game” (Prison Wing (102, 185, 2))

SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “i will ruin people’s fu” (Prison Wing (102, 185, 2))
SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “fun” (Prison Wing (102, 185, 2))

SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “12 year old is back” (Prison Wing (102, 185, 2))
SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “crying?” (Prison Wing (101, 185, 2))
SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “BOOOHOOO” (Prison Wing (101, 185, 2))

SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “my anus” (Prison Wing (101, 186, 2))
SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “my anus is bleeding” (Prison Wing (101, 186, 2))

SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “i’m ghosting” (Prison Wing (100, 181, 2))
SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “hey don’t make me say the N word” (Prison Wing (101, 180, 2))
SAY: staveol/(Diamond Golem (964)) “i’ll drop the gamer word” (Prison Wing (101, 180, 2))

after that i started attacking some of the members

[2021-01-29 16:53:24.530] SAY: staveol/(Bone Golem (934)) “i will kill you”
[2021-01-29 16:53:31.629] SAY: staveol/(Bone Golem (934)) “NYEHEHEHE”
[2021-01-29 16:53:38.482] SAY: staveol/(Bone Golem (934)) “WHY HAVEN’T YOU BEEN EATING MY SPAGHETTII!??”
[2021-01-29 16:53:40.647] SAY: staveol/(Bone Golem (934)) “DIIIIIIIIIIIE”
[2021-01-29 16:53:43.092] SAY: staveol/(Bone Golem (934)) “FOOOLISH HUMAN”
[2021-01-29 16:53:44.497] ATTACK: staveol/(Bone Golem (934)) has punched (Nikita Emelyanenko) (NEWHP: 93.4)
[2021-01-29 16:53:45.564] ATTACK: staveol/(Bone Golem (934)) has punched (Nikita Emelyanenko) (NEWHP: 86.8)
[2021-01-29 16:53:46.510] ATTACK: staveol/(Bone Golem (934)) has punched (Nikita Emelyanenko) (NEWHP: 80.2)
[2021-01-29 16:53:47.823] ATTACK: staveol/(Bone Golem (934)) has punched (Abu Jallad) (NEWHP: 76.7)

and many more other reasons that have been posted by the admins in the appeal prior to this one.

Honestly that was such a shitty behavior that was reminiscent of a childish player and i want to prove to you guys that after some time, i can change my ways to become a good and decent player!

it was very wrong of me to ick ock in OOC and act out of character due to my anger outbursts. i greatly apologize and my behavior were extremely unacceptable, agreeing that the ban was earned. but it doesn’t mean i can’t give it one last shot at this! i’d like to have one last chance to have a go at this game

oh wait you’re the guy that did that
I was your master and it was pretty funny
but murder is cringe
you seem to have at least realised that murder is cringe
and even though am not admin i really don’t think this man being obliterated for the rest of time for saying some dumb shit is fair
people do change and this seems sincere
unban pls

“Some dumb shit” is really underselling what was said here.
People do change, but how many chances do you give someone before you decide it isn’t worth giving them another chance?

Your toxic behavior and attitude is by far the worst thing about this incident. If that’s how you play games online in general, you aren’t ever going to be welcome back anywhere. You have griefed servers across pretty much the entire network while slinging this same drivel and also took to ban evasion.

Answer some questions for me
What other servers have you actually managed to rack up some playtime on?

What are your favorite jobs and why? What do you enjoy about them?

What can you bring to Bee that makes it worth taking the risk of unbanning someone incapable of getting a vouch?

oh hi RD! nice to see you back lmao, but nah hollandaise is right this wasn’t an unnacceptable behavior considering that i even got banned from fulp and para. getting banned from other server is one thing but being recognized by all of the other servers as an infamous banned player could technically mess with my chances of a successful appeal.

that being said i can’t just lie that i haven’t played ss13 none whatsoever lately before even considering an appeal here. i’ve played on various different servers such as CM/Goonstation/Sojourn13/australia servers without running much into trouble, while i do know most of the servers i named are different the last 2 are similar to this one

to answer your questions alot clearly

What other servers have you actually managed to rack up some playtime on? mostly as i said CM goonstation and a bit of that australian server that is very similar to beestation. that’s also where i learned how to be more robust click click

What are your favorite jobs and why? What do you enjoy about them? my favorite job so far is the cook and geneticist, what i love about the cook is how you’re supposed to interact with your peers and the farmer next to you while coming up with fun little ways to invent/cook up new recipes to serve up to the hungry station workers. that’s really fun to me, and a geneticist is fun to play and discover new genes and test them on people who qualify for it.

now i also enjoy playing as a roboticist, janitor, ash walker, and rarely a lawyer but i’ve yet to build more experience with these jobs except ash walker which is just ooga booga mine ores

What can you bring to Bee that makes it worth taking the risk of unbanning someone incapable of getting a vouch? technically as these were the last few remaining servers for me, i wanted to work from this server on my way to other servers by earning a vouch from here later on if that’s possible. hard but pretty possible, and a living proof that even a player with a former toxic record can change their ways and become a great member of the community. as for the risk? like i said if i were to mess up big time once more i pretty much give you guys the 100% right to ban me on sight with no appealability.

that being said this concludes my appeal, i really want to return to the low RP server to have some fun with some players and play ss13 the way it was meant to, something i didn’t do before.

AUstation is a bee downstream, if you wanna pop in there and ahelp about asking for a vouch then come back here with the vouching admins name i’m sure ruko can shoot em an email or whatever and get you unbanned

yeah but its very difficult as that server’s barely active, which makes it a pain in the arse for me to join at appropriate times (also the players in there are a bit wilder)

do they have a discord? Do you? do they have a forums? ask on those

and i haven’t played that long to actually earn a vouch. nor i think i will if the lack of players incist in there, i just want to try a fairly active server like bee and work from there.

if i may make a suggestion, play more on AU
get a vouch from them or someone else
get back in here and follow the rules
then you can start working your way back onto other servers and codebases, if you really want to
also codebase similarity doesnt matter for unbans, if you’ve racked up a couple hundred hours on goon or CM you could ask them

well that all in all depends on ruko or hollandaise, if they see my reply as a good enough fit to atleast give me the last corner of that one remaining bit of trust left, then i wouldn’t have to but if they do insist on a vouch then they’re the bosses and i cannot argue with that. but thanks alot anyway RD :3

you do seem to have actually begun to enjoy the interacting with other players part of this game, which is what bee is trying to push right now. (i hate that i sound like a teacher saying this) If you’re well behaved you should fit right in. not that it means anything from me, but i’d give you one more shot

genetics might be considered a red flag as quite a powergamey job but the way you describe it makes it sound like the powergaming comes as a backdrop to the social aspect, and chef is just a fun and social job.

as one last word, think of it this way
if this man wanted to grief, ban evasion is easy enough
if he was too stupid to evade, he could grief on CM or AU, or figure out goon and tear their servers up for a bit
it seems to me like he genuinely wants to actually play the game on a codebase he understands in his timezone

if he decides to grief again, we all lose a single round of ss13
that’s bottom one tops sixty nine players not having fun for like half an hour before he gets sent back to the shadow realm
if he decides to not, he could log a few hundred hours of positive social interaction with others, and he seems to be willing to try
35 hours of fun lost if he’s a good liar, maybe 1000 hours gained if he’s being truthful
utilitarianism is a dumb argument but it;s all i got beyond arguing with feelings

Obligatory centcom post

Here is his ban history.

It seems he has already had his ‘second chance’ before breaking it with a month with more griff. It is up to hollandaise whether he is sincere or not.
I would give him one more shot though.

are any of the servers he mentioned playing on not on CC?
Goon, CM, some probably russian one i don’t recognise, and AU?

i keep repeating myself that those were all servers and actions months ago. i really thought about it hard before even considering to download BYOND back

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yeah, holland says appeal in “a while” last ban or something
it’s been a while

This is quite obviously a kid, and he quite obviously has no concept of time or how long a “while” should be.

Given his last appeal ended with him quadruple posting and saying how this game “isn’t for him,” how can we even be sure he’s here for good reasons and not just to grief some more?

It hasn’t been a long enough time for any kind of serious change to have occurred. Change takes time in people. I doubt he’s had some earth-shattering revelation in less than a year.

How many hours have you got on those other servers? (CM/Goonstation/Sojourn13/austation)

Going to deny this as you were griefing on another server just yesterday.